Male Model Accuses Katy Perry of Pulling Down His Pants, Exposing His Penis to Her Friends


Model and actor Josh Kloss alleges that pop megastar Katy Perry publicly pulled down his pants at costume designer Johnny Wujek’s birthday party in 2012.

“I just say this now because our culture is set on proving men of power are perverse. But females with power are just as disgusting,” Kloss said on Instagram. Kloss has accused the pop princess of assaulting him at Wujek’s birthday party:

This one time I brought a friend who was dying to meet her. It was Johnny Wujek’s birthday party at moonlight roller way. And when I saw her, we hugged and she was still my crush. But as I turned to introduce my friend, she pulled my Adidas sweats and underwear out as far as she could to show a couple of her guy friends and the crowd around us, my penis.

The actor says he waited to come forward before now because of the consequences accusers so often face — personally, and professionally. “To admit that someone violated you in such a f**ked up way, and you didn’t call the cops at that moment was hard to swallow, and it took a lot of time,” he said. keep reading

11 Comments on Male Model Accuses Katy Perry of Pulling Down His Pants, Exposing His Penis to Her Friends

  1. A man would get jail time for that. A woman, meh..just a laugh. So it goes in the “Patriarchy” LOL. Right up there with over 60% of higher ed students being female in our “Patriarchy”

  2. The sex of the perpetrator should not matter. But it does to the feminists. If it harms a man, they are all for it. Sick.

  3. Don’t know who he is but he handled it badly.

    If it was me, I would have turned around with it out and told her to’ “Sing into the microphone.”

    What happened to men?????

    My wife pinched my ass in a country bar and we have been together for 27 years!

  4. Antidote, Dick not Deck!

    She still looked good back then.

    Most feminists need a good Dicking as Milo “Yapalotofdick” says.

  5. She was debasing him in front of her friends, and she had the power to adversely affect his career. Her behavior was no different than Harvey Weinstein’s.

    IMO, the ho’wood women are just as bad as the men. The ONLY reason ho’wood staged all that #metoo BS in the first place was to try to shame Pres. Trump into resigning. Ol’ Harvey Weinstein even fell on his sword for the cause. They figured if it could bring down someone as big as HW, then DT was not immune, but it backfired big time. It shed a spotlight on how sick and perverted THEY all are – and said way more about them than it did about Pres. Trump.

  6. Relax sissy. It’s likely every woman there has changed a diaper or two and have seen a little peanut before.

  7. If I were him I’d hire a Hollywood slickster lawyer and head north of 10 million in damages for this sexual assault. For those of you who slight this guy for not handling it right or being a wuss try to remember the everyday men are falsely accused of some pretty nasty, vile things by women who are lying but invariably face no consequences for their actions. We ought to be evening up the playing field. I hope this guy treats her bank account a lesson it won’t soon forget.


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