Male student accused female student of sexual assault: “Too drunk to consent”

The Federalist: Male Accuser Finally Turns The Tables Against A Female In Campus Kangaroo Courts

It’s finally happened. A male student has accused a female student of sexual assault, claiming he was too drunk to consent to sexual activity. The school, shockingly, found the woman responsible and suspended her until the male student graduates. Now she, like so many wrongly accused male students, is suing her university for violating her due process rights. The case is an unfortunate necessity to show how absurd the current campus environment surrounding sexual assault has become.

The female student, referred to in court documents as Jane Roe, is suing the University of Cincinnati. As an added twist, Jane’s lawyer is arguing the school also violated the Equal Protection guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment, because the university could just as easily have made a case against the male student who accused her, referred to as John Doe in court documents. MORE HERE


12 Comments on Male student accused female student of sexual assault: “Too drunk to consent”

  1. Campus court. There isn’t a derisive enough snort for it.

    But, when are the ‘he’s just crying rape after some buyer’s remorse’ calls going to happen?

  2. A good bud of mine who happens to be a looker, woke up after we’d all been out partying one night. He awoke to his Female roomate riding him like a Banshee on a Bronco, he was pissed and I was jealous !

  3. How is it any of the school’s business what a student does on his/her time, away from school property? Any offense there is a matter for the police and the courts to handle.
    As long as the student pays their tuition, shows up for class, and doesn’t cause trouble
    on campus, the school shouldn’t get involved.


  4. Awesome! About time the tables were turned!
    And for all the boo-hoo-ers out there, aren’t we all supposed to he equal under the law?


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