Male Transjacking Will Ultimately End Women’s Sports

Federalist: This Friday, the top four NCAA Division III women’s soccer teams face off in the national semifinals. One of the final four teams’ goalkeepers, Isa Berardo, is a male transgender playing as a female for Pomona-Pitzer Colleges.

Not surprisingly, the male goalie has dominated the field against opposing female players, giving his own a chance to win the national championship thanks to his physical advantages in a key position. This is increasingly happening throughout women’s sports, at all levels from elementary school through professional competitions. It’s creating not equality, but inequality.

In 2016, Therese Johaug, a Norwegian three-time Olympic cross-country skiing champion, received an 18-month suspension from the sport she loved after it was discovered that the team-approved lip balm she was using to treat her badly sunburned lips contained a performance-enhancing steroid.

A devastated Johaug lamented, “I feel I did everything right. I went to an expert who gave me the ointment, and I asked him if the cream was on a doping list. The answer I got was ‘no.’”

But the powers that be were undeterred from their well-established hard line of fairness, and Johaug was forced to watch the 2018 winter Olympics from the sidelines.

It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances that raises the question: If chemicals from a necessary, medicated lip balm can be construed as such an unjust physical advantage, how on Earth can athletic authorities continue to turn a blind eye to the litany of physical advantages the transgender men increasingly competing in women’s sports so obviously possess in their male bodies? read more

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  1. remember when the East German Women’s Olympic Team was such a joke?

    f*ckin’ funny now … ain’t it?

    ’cause within 20 years Women’s Sports will be All-Male …. ‘Trannies’ on Parade!

  2. This is all the women’s fault.
    They should have all United, and refused to participate in contests that have men.
    But any woman that took such a stance would have been criticized and ostracized – by women.
    Now, we ALL suffer, having to stand by and watch the insanity.

  3. Nothing the left’s fascist masters come up with doesnt have an end result. Wonder what they gain by destroying women’s sports? Is it to destroy all sports so as to emasculate men and then govern them?

  4. One of the guys who won a high school championship as a girl said that the girls were just complaining and all they had to do was train harder to be more competitive.

    If that was the case, then why has there been separate men’s and women’s sports to begin with?

  5. It’s creating not equality, but inequality.

    Because the only way to have equality, is if everyone competes, solely, against themselves. That’s not participation trophies for all. That’s fairness.

    And a writing gig. For the, profoundly, retarded.


    All those loud-mouthed feminists burned their bras, ridiculed traditional housewives, broke into the workforce, sued their way to the top, passed Title IX etc.

    Now, lesbians have taken over the feminists movement, abortion on demand is a new minted right, and the run-away crazy train is now being steered by trannies who are slowing taking over and erasing their gains, and crazies can shower with women if they identify as a woman, and all those female brats can do is stand around and watch it happen.

    Kind of enjoying this…

  7. Real Truth Juice,
    NP was funny as all get out and not PC
    back in the 60’s and 70’s.

  8. Male transjacking sounds like something a bunch of mechanically inclined guys would do to jack up a car and remove the transmission in order to fix it. At least it would in the old non PC days. Back in the old days when a tranny only belonged in cars.

  9. The Left, Democrats, hate every thing that exists including themselves. They only destroy what they touch, build nothing, believe in nothing and realize that they cannot hold a civil thought. Power is the holy grail, and once gained, they will massacre any threat…a kind of living dead, outraged at everything believing in nothing. Nihilistic at best, Death in human form at worst…if Trump loses, will we ever see anyone win who is not a part of the Dead…No, be ready..


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