Males Allowed to Compete in Brazil’s Famous ‘Miss Bumbum’ Pageant

Breitbart: Brazil has added male transgender contestants to its famous Miss Bumbum contest, but not everyone is pleased with the politically correct addition.

Officials have added two transgender contestants to the national contest that celebrates the female posterior, but some of the natural-born female contestants are very unhappy with the new rules. Indeed some of the women have agitated to have the male-born contestants disqualified, The Sun reported.

For the first time, two contestants who were born male have been allowed to compete in the contest to pick Brazil’s best female rear end. But at least one natural-born woman contestant expressed a complaint with the pageant operators.

Ellen Santana, 31, who is representing the Brazilian state of Roraima, says that the contest is to celebrate women, not men. And so, Santana has taken a public stance against trans candidates Paula Oliveira, and Giovanna Spinella.

“The competition is supposed to be 100 percent feminine, and yet we’re going to have bottoms which are men’s bottoms,” Santana said. “It doesn’t matter if they’ve had surgery, changed their names or sex on a piece of paper.” more

13 Comments on Males Allowed to Compete in Brazil’s Famous ‘Miss Bumbum’ Pageant

  1. Brazil is generously endowed with some of the most outrageously unforgettably beautiful women on the planet. All with truly beautiful derrières.

    It’s not like there’s some shortage and they have to make do with drag trannies.

  2. If size matters in this contest, and gender doesn’t, someone notify Mooch.
    Why should Urkel be the only prizewinner?

  3. What is this big butt fettish anyway.? When I was growing up the ideal was hourglass…two inches less for hips than bust. Ten inches less in the waist measurement.

  4. I can see women having trouble competing in athletic contests with men, but in beauty contests?

  5. Those butts are enhanced with silicone. It’s such a problem that the contest directors put out a statement saying it was disgusting that everyone was buying the ‘kim kardashian’ ass.

  6. I just realized that if this contest nonsense spreads to Cuba, we’ll only be
    90 Miles From Tranny.



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