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Malkin on the Inclusive Left

No one knows leftist racism like Michelle Malkin. The racist attack launched recently against Bobby Jindal drew her anger this week in a column in Town Hall.

The examples of social justice warriors attacking Republicans of different ethnic backgrounds is extensive in just the last year and it’s going to continue to be ugly as a number of presidential hopefuls can legitimately lay claim to minority status.


It’s one thing to attack history and try to scrub away the stain of the racist Democrat past by going after flags and statues (while leaving out the important political context of the past), but it’s beyond reprehensible to go after a person’s racial background just because you’re trying to invalidate that person’s political beliefs.

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  1. One time I made the mistake of catching Ring of Fire on NPR-Robert Kennedy, a total lying ass swipe who drove his wife to kill herself and probably the most hateful person I’ve ever heard, Mike Papantonio.

    The good old boys were talking about Ms Malkin and they started making jokes about her being a Philippine. They quickly evolved from her being a pearl diver(get it?) to the Hey sailor, $2 do you looong time variety.

    Unbelievable. And the entire panel were just whooping it up.

    REgressives are the essence of pure evil.

    It reminds of the story about Wayne Newton who was a tired of the crass jokes Johnny Carson was telling about him and made an unannounced visit to his office. He told him one more and he’d be in the hospital.

    I don’t know how Todd Palin e.g. does it.

  2. Malkin is great.
    When I used to watch Fox, I always enjoyed her appearances on Hannity.
    Whoever the libtard douche-nozzle guest du jour was, she’d bitch-slap them silly.

  3. Wow – racist AND sexist. Couldn’t have been Liberals, though. They don’t do that kind of stuff, do they? Naaah…

  4. Robert Kennedy, a total lying ass swipe who drove his wife to kill herself
    Excellent memory, Good Sir, of just one member of one of the most despicable families to ever disgrace the various public offices in America

  5. @MM
    I think Todd handles it the same way my lover does; smug in his knowledge that he is the one chasing me up the stairs.

  6. That photo is at least 10 years old. She looks like a beautiful 25 year old there. She is the one person I can’t talk too. I made an ass of myself years ago trying to talk to her. I just about passed out.

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