Man accused of mailing explosives ruled ‘incompetent’

A federal judge ruled Thursday that a Washington state man accused of mailing explosive devices to government agencies in the Washington, D.C., area is not competent to help with his defense and should receive treatment before his case moves forward.

A competency evaluation for Thanh Cong Phan found him to have schizophrenia, Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Miyake told U.S. District Judge John Coughenour during a hearing.

The mental health expert who examined Phan said she doesn’t believe he is able to assist his lawyer in his defense. Miyake said Phan should be sent to a hospital for four months to have his competency restored. The judge agreed.

Phan, 44, had a history of calling, texting and writing to local and federal law enforcement agencies to tell them about his concerns about mind-control conspiracies and cyber terrorists. But in March, things changed, according to records acquired by The Associated Press.

Eleven packages containing explosive materials were mailed to the agencies on March 16, according to an indictment filed against Phan, who is from Everett, north of Seattle. The agencies received the packages on March 26.  more here

10 Comments on Man accused of mailing explosives ruled ‘incompetent’

  1. so, if this guy had “…concerns about mind-control conspiracies…”, locking him up in a hospital & feeding him mind-altering drugs is really gonna help

  2. I can see the headline in 2019 now: “Authorities failed to see the signs before bomber killed xxx innocent bystanders”

  3. The conclusion begs the question: If he is so incompetent, how was he able to assemble and mail bombs that were able to detonate? HUH? Sounds more like a clash of cultures.

  4. Mentally incompetent? Then he STILL needs to be either in a mental hospital, or under the care of a handler 24/7/365. No excuses.


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