Man Demands Refund For Bad Haircut – Absolutely Insane and Annoying Customer Butts In

The woman says she was offended by the guy’s language. Okay, that might very well be, but the woman pulls one of the moves that I absolutely loathe – she assaults him and claims she’s the one being assaulted, replete with screaming like she is being raped as she belly bumps the dude.

I hope she was arrested.

The owner threw the customer under the bus. She said the customer was totally wrong and offered the “refund guy” free haircuts for a year.

Full video

Update: You shouldn’t assume. There were a few comments implying this guy is a liberal douche.

I don’t think so.

From his Facebook Page – That’s him at a wax museum. He also said something in the rant that Rosalind posted about “what’s wrong with the world.” It was in response to people yelling at him for being all misogynistic and going into the shop to assert himself with male bullying tactics.


I am positive that based on looks, the core of iOwnTheWorld, back in the day, would be tagged as liberals and probably drug addicts, too.

None of us drank, did drugs or cottoned to liberals.


30 Comments on Man Demands Refund For Bad Haircut – Absolutely Insane and Annoying Customer Butts In

  1. That husband must be a complete pussy. What a fucked up life he must live married to that creature. “I’m a lawyer” Well fuck you lawyer.

  2. She’s a loon and reminds me of my MIL who is not allowed at our house.
    Her hair is hideous. Did the salon that make mess?

    They should not have charged him at the time of his appt since he expressed displeasure with the cut and the stylist couldn’t fix it.

  3. OK I listened to him. He’s as big a fucking asshole as the asshole with the law degree, and her asshole husband. Must have happened in
    California? Am I right?

  4. The proper response to a situation like this is to accidently slide the side of your foot down the front of her shin stopping with force on top of her foot.
    Apologize profusely for losing your balance when pushed.

  5. I have never been to a barbershop that has women in it. My barber is the son of the barber
    who cut my hair in the 50’s for the first time.
    Small town life I guess.

  6. I would have knocked her ass out as soon as she pushed me. I carry and I would be expecting someone to draw on me after knocking her out.

  7. I’m not a lawyer but I play one on the internet and that lady was both wrong and unethical. She is giving our profession a black eye. Why couldn’t she say that her job was to supply dog meat to the White House for Obama to snack on!

  8. Sure she’s a lawyer. My MIL, age 89, tells everyone she is prima ballerina with a world class dance company and becomes just as belligerent if you don’t believe her. It may or may not be dementia. She was just crazy 35 years ago.

  9. Regarding your update. The proper way for him to of handled this would be to show up at the store before he shaved his head and politely announce “I’m sorry, I’m not paying for this. I’d like a refund please”. Not, as I understand from the story, “I want a fucking refund”. That ladies Bat Shit Crazy and he gave her the excuse she was looking for. He was in a lose lose as soon as she started up.

  10. You have a good point Brad.
    Guys drop ‘F’ bombs in front of women and/or children need to be taken out behind the woodshed and turned into men.

  11. The time to bitch about a haircut is before you get out of the chair. You don’t go home and come back the next day looking for a refund. FFS! Specially not a “fucking” refund. Gettafokouttahere!

  12. How do you know the guy wasn’t told by the stylist, ‘oh sleep on it, it’ll look better in the morning.’
    You would not believe how many times I’ve heard that one. And boutiques are just fine, for men or women. My dad (who is just about as ‘manly’/’a man’s man’ as you can get) used to go to one when he still had hair to cut. 😉

  13. I always look for a female barber with big breasts. That way I get a free neck massage with my hair cut.

  14. This is why I cut my own hair. 1950s Playtex adjustable hair trimmer with a stock of vintage blades, once a week or so. Once every six months, the Wahl with various colored attachments. About once a year I go to a proper barber to get it all evened out, but not remotely regularly.

    My savings are considerable given what getting buzzed costs these days, even on the cheap.

  15. Exhibit “A” for why I shave my head.

    Brad…you realize JohnS just said he agreed with you…must be the reason I just saw several large and tasty mammals just fly by my BBQ Grill.

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