Man dies on Aer Lingus flight ‘after biting passenger’

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IrishMirror: A man died onboard an Aer Lingus flight this evening, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing.

Flight EI 485 was travelling from Lisbon, Portugal, to Dublin, when it is understood a passenger onboard “ran amok”, apparently “biting” one of his fellow passengers.

Reports claim the man began “biting another passenger” and was later restrained by crew after becoming “extremely violent”.

It is understood the man later became unwell after being restrained and fell into a state of unconsciousness, before being pronounced dead on the Dublin-bound flight.  more

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  1. “became unwell” that sounds like something afflicting the ‘undead”

    I vote zombie.

    Personally I like to fly Aer Lingus the flight attendants all have Irish accents which is the melodious one to my ears.

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