Man Dies Trying to Blow Up ATM on Philadelphia Sidewalk

NBC Philadelphia: A man died while trying to blow up an ATM in North Philadelphia early Tuesday as thieves blew up or stole cash machines across the city overnight in what authorities believe was an “organized” and “coordinated” effort, police said.

The 24-year-old, whose name has not been released, suffered trauma to his upper body after placing explosive in a sidewalk-facing ATM outside a sports bar along North 2nd Street near Susquehanna Avenue around 6:15 a.m., Philadelphia police said.

Medics rushed the man to a nearby hospital where he died a couple hours later.

Police found live explosives at the scene and focused their investigation on the blasted ATM, debris on the street and on a vehicle parked nearby.

Nearby residents and those living in neighborhoods across the city heard blasts as looting in the wake of George Floyd protests continued for a fourth day.

At least 10 machines were vandalized – mainly at neighborhood convenience stores, on sidewalks and gas stations, police said. In most cases, police said, thieves set off explosive devices, blowing up the machines before making off with the cash. In other cases, they would just steal the machines. read more

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  1. It’s not as satisfying as running a blade across the throat of one of the scum but it helps!!!

  2. …overpressure and shrapnel from a poorly designed or tamped charge. if you don’t know how explosives work, gets you every time…well…ONE time, anyway…

  3. Pelopidas JUNE 2, 2020 AT 6:35 PM
    “Darwin Award contender. There are going to be too many to choose from this year.”

    …no Darwin if you’ve already reproduced. Sadly, most of THIS type already HAVE…

  4. Acme Explosives Company spokesman has disclaimed any direct association with this incident. “All of the Acme Company’s products come with detailed instructions in the proper and safe application of our doohickies, especially our explosive doohickies. Occasionally, these Acme products fall into the hands of functionality illiterate rioters and looters (and a certain coyote who will remain nameless), but these products are considered to have a high safety rating when used by people with an IQ higher than 82.”

  5. OT related
    Don’t you all get it?

    The Minn AG and crew IS the slow walker behind the initial non-arrest of Cauvin(sp). Now, that exposure was close. . . he’s all on board with hanging the cops.

    Hey Libhole Cops,

    Time to start squealing on your higher ups. They are gonna off you like Epstein. Better get right with God and the Truth. Now.

  6. WTH, I was told they knew what was best…..that they should be acknowledged and listened to for what is best for America because WE have it all wrong.

  7. Jeeze…..I hope that ATM is alright.

    Sure experienced some trauma… probably racially motivated. Poor machine is definitely gonna’ have nightmares and flashbacks.

  8. Is the money safe. That’s the important thing.

    All this just because one guy died with a boot on his neck.

    Let me put it like this. If just one person were saved as a result of officer Chauvin’s actions, then it was worth it. (governor cuomo will know what i’m talking about)

  9. Doing this kind of stupid shit only works in cartoons where Wile E Coyote or Daffy Duck or Yosemite Sam gets back up to get killed or blown up again over and over. It’s funny in cartoons not in real life. Or Kenny on South Park. The ACME Corp. claims no responsibility for this idiots actions.

  10. Heh! This is good news! Someone offed themselves for being stupid. No pot of gold at the ATM, only body parts. SPLAT! I don’t feel anything one way or another about the guy. I wonder who has to clean the mess up?

  11. I’m starting a gofundme page for the wounded ATM if anyone is interested.

    Please, 10s and 20s only.

  12. Medics rushed the man to a nearby hospital where he died a couple hours later.>>

    Why rush life is too short.

  13. “I guess he made a complete withdrawal”

    VoyageoftheBanned with tonight’s win in the classiest one liner category.

    Congrats to all the contestants.

  14. “SMITHERS! Point and laugh at that smoldering detestable cadaver. I’ve seen more pep in a Rory Calhoun flicker.”

  15. parasite d**k-suckers in loy-uh” suits are lining up with product liability claims, attractive nuisance, etc.

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