Man drives in Michigan displaying Israeli flag

Musloids just seem incapable of melting into the pot.


Get them out of the pot.

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  1. Did a job in a strip mall there about ten years ago. We all packed our lunches because we didn’t trust any of the local food joints to cook our food. Nobody messed with us but you could see the hate in their eyes.

  2. An update to a Netflix show,
    “Peaky Yamakas’ (kippah),,,
    Maybe than Netflix would get how much Muslims are wrong,,,
    and stop supporting them,,

  3. They were inbred for this. Most Islamist are not genetically capable of decent civil behavior – they just fake it for taqiyya.

  4. We have a final opportunity to learn from the failure of the EU, open borders, multiculturalism, muslim appeasement, fighting against their own native populace, shared economies and currency across the landscape of vast differences that will never merge well.

    Will we heed the lesson? If we don’t, we do so at the peril of our dear, soon-to-be-unprotected children.

  5. Why do you think that they are called KORANDERTHALS? Centuries behind the rest of civilization.

  6. I started watching the video and thought, “Dearborn”, before I saw the description. It used to be a decent place 40+ years ago. No reason for me to ever go there now.

  7. Export them all. If they refuse, force them. If they resist, exterminate them. Start with the Somalis in the shit-hole state of minnesota then the shit-hole state of michigan. Next texass. Those are the worst offending states. God help the Americans that live there.

  8. How about building jewish housing in their neighborhoods like they did with blacks to promote integration?

  9. Tony R
    MAY 26, 2019 AT 4:45 PM
    “Maybe they would “melt into the pot” if we only applied the right amount of heat.”

    …The Japanese were ALSO fanatically devoted to their religion to the point if suicide attacks, but we got THEM to melt in, after heating to thermonuclear temperatures twice.

    …Perhaps we should try that with THIS bunch as well, but since they’re WAY more cowardly than the Japanese were, one ought to be enough…in the right place…

  10. @ Fritz, just read on twitter:
    – Farage wins in UK.
    – Le Pen wins in France
    – Salvini wins in Italy.
    – Orban wins in Hungary.
    – Right wing surging in Sweden.

    Massive success for the right-wing and EU skeptics this election!

    So there is an upside coming. We just need to do housecleaning.

  11. If the perpetrators had been white and Christian, it would have made headlines across the world.


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