Man Interrupts Virginia Mosque Meeting: ‘Every One Of You Are Terrorists’

DailySurge: A presentation on plans for a new mosque near Fredericksburg, VA turned ugly when outraged members of the community interrupted the meeting calling all Muslims terrorists.

Speaker Samer Shalaby, a civil engineer and business owner, was presenting plans for a new mosque for the local Muslim community, that has steadily grown in recent years, when two men in attendance of the meeting became hostile, according to WUSA 9.

The first man to make a scene called what Shalaby and local Muslims were doing “evil.” Many in the crowds expressed similar sentiment and then a second man came forward.  MORE

15 Comments on Man Interrupts Virginia Mosque Meeting: ‘Every One Of You Are Terrorists’

  1. More of this please!
    We should be no more tolerant of Islam than we should be of Nazism, Communism, or the People’s Temple weirdos.
    How “tolerant” was the Federal government with the Branch Davidians?
    Because until the ATF shootout, they didn’t hurt anyone.

  2. All of the attacks that we are hearing of are starting to get routine. I think that it is time that we really consider Islam control.
    Aloha Snackbar!

  3. Pork. Lots and lots of pork. Live pigs feeding and fertilizing the property. Pork roasts and bacon buried here and there – DEEP. Pig blood scattered on and buried DEEP on the grounds.
    If possible, start BBQing next door. Especially every Friday, rain or shine, winter or summer. Pig races next door. Sounds of pig squeals and grunts day and night.

    Ditto for dogs?

  4. Were they more pissed off that we know, or that someone stated the truth publicly?

    The only surprise is that the goat fuckers didn’t try to kill him on the spot.

  5. The first backlash they’ve ever seen, I reckon. Probably shocked them from tbeir zabibahs to their prayer rugs. Well, maybe a little farther than that, given those two spend most of the time in close contact.

    Wonder if the journos will try to track down the disruptors, maybe expose them or see if they’re organized in any way. But they may find out something they don’t want to know.

    They never found out who that guy was who asked Trump “when can we get rid of all the muslims?” did they? Not asying this VA guy wasn’t legit, but we know how taqiyah works and this incident resembles classic taqiyah theater.

    Tomorrow, Samer’s Mercedes will have a feces KKK on it.

  6. If it’s Lamesa, tx, I don’t think moo slims will be there long enough to build shit. Plant their dumb asses around Gail. They’ll love that.

  7. Tonight I helped a couple of neighbors rescue a kitten from a storm drain. The kitten is now with a neighbor and is in good condition. I wonder what good these people are doing?

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