Man Left Stranded in Middle of the Road by His $115K Hummer Electric Truck – IOTW Report

Man Left Stranded in Middle of the Road by His $115K Hummer Electric Truck

A man bought a brand new $115,000 Hummer electric truck, only to find that it immediately left him stranded in the middle of the road — and the vehicle had less than 250 miles on it.

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  1. I remember when “Getting a Hummer” had nothing to do with 4 wheels unless you were at the drive in on a Saturday Night.

  2. Economy will grind to a halt and we will
    all starve if DIESEL & OIL & GAS are eliminated.
    Our food gets to us by large trucks with powerful
    turbo charged diesels…..

  3. I read somewhere that people were willing to buy an electric car but after owning one, they were not willing to get another one & switched back.

    Personally, my next car will probably be a Honda Accord due to resale, reliability, and about $20,000 less than a Tesla.

  4. I’ve got a 1997 Ford F-250 ex cab power stroke with 120k miles, new tires. Little clear coat wear on the hood and I will take 40 grand for it or I’ll keep it…..I also have a 1995 Ford F-250 ex cab power stroke with 260k miles. It needs a new turbo and the engine runs good on 20/50 oil with a max dose of lucas oil treatment, probably could stand a rebuild though. I’ll need 3 grand for that one as it’s a sentimental favorite to me and the memory of my GSH dog that chased pheasant and quail all over Nebraska during her 15.5 years of devotion to the quest…RIP Ruby….

    Contact Willys Trucks and stuff for further details….

  5. Brad is right, diesels have a better resale value than anything. the older they are the less emission controls too.

    Look it up.

  6. Truckbuddy I got offered 50K for my LBZ. That’s 4K more than I paid for it. It would cost me twice that much to replace it.

  7. I’ll stick with my airhead Beetle and my 2001 Dodge 1500.

    I know y’all hate Beetles… oh, and my MB 300TD.

  8. Willy, glad to hear your a diesel guy. Here’s the deal, you strike me as the guy that knows everyone about your little town, SO, are you friendly with any restaurant owners that need their fat hauled away? Because that’s bio diesel my friend and the lynch pin is access to animal fats. It’s a potential gold mine. Just sayen

  9. Brad:

    I live surrounded by farmers that farm 2000+ acres….Diesel ain’t ever going away around here. They’ll get pissed off and turn their corn into some sort of diesel even though they currently sell the corn for cattle feed and ethanol….I’m going to be in the Denver area for a few days and I’ll run that idea by my mad chemistry friend who is a Emmet ‘Doc’ Brown type of maddman….He just got back from Beruit selling a cleaning product to slaughter houses….

  10. My bicycle still works great but the motor is running out of steam. Especially on those damn uphill rides.

  11. Brad, Agreed If a Pickup was suitable for my Businesses.

    City HVAC service, too many starts & stops.
    Short trips from call to call & Vans carry & protect parts much better than Pick ups esp. with all the shelving, tie downs, & ladders.

    The Ford E-250’s have proven to be our best bets.
    I Got 12 years out of the last one and my current is +8 years.

    Our GMC Savana’s were really bad in our usage vs the fords.

  12. Ah, come on man, just keep a few spare batteries around and keep them charged up. And maybe just keep 2 in the trucks bed so you can swap them out if it dies. Nothing like urinating your own money into the wind like Uncle Sam likes to do with your tax dollars every day.

  13. Made our own bio from restaurant oil for about 5 years.
    We could make 600 gallons on a Saturday, by Tuesday after the water washing it was ready to run.
    The byproduct of cracking the veggie oil was glycerin and soapy water not to mention some scum that you had to find a place to get rid of.
    If you buy an old power stroke I suggest a 1998 or newer, the fuel pump on a 97 and the filter are in the valley of the engine. Very problematic since the fuel pump goes out a lot especially running bio.
    However I converted my fuel pump and filter system to underneath the rail of the van where they belong.

  14. Everyone who supports the solar and wind frauds should be forced to buy EVs. This shit would stop in a hurry.

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