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Man Living With 47 Cats in His Car


According to authorities, a vehicle parked at a rest area in Harris, MN, was found in the sweltering heat with 47 cats inside.

The cats were reportedly living with their owner in the car, as the owner recently became homeless. The cats — ranging in age from less than a year to more than 12 years old — were rescued earlier this week. More

I’ll be honest, when writing the headline, I used the wrong pronouns. – Dr. Tar

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  1. Can you imagine how bad the ammonia odor is inside that car on a hot day is from all those cats? Does this guy have a crazy cat lady for a wife or a girl friend or is that far too many cats for even a crazy cat lady? PEW!

  2. Dr. Tar, what’s the correct pronoun for cats?

    The internet tells me it’s “Molly” for females as well as “Queen and “Dam”. For males it’s “Tom”. Plural is a “Clowder” as in “They found a clowder of cats in that guy’s car.”

    Where I went wrong was assuming the animal hoarder was a she when first writing the title, until I read the full article. -Dr. Tar

  3. maybe they were house trained.
    Years ago I had a spring loaded door in the basement window and our 3 cats could come and go as they pleased.
    Which was all good, until they started inviting the neighbors and strays.

  4. The Animal Humane Society shared that the cats will be sterilized and eventually made available for adoption.

    “The corners erode first.”

    You can (and, should… sorry trannies) make “crazy cat lady” jokes.

    But this is the slide (not “slip”) down the slope. First slowly. Then all at once.

    In a (short) while, you’ll have (now) homeless (men), who refused to let their dog (singular) die with strangers, being given the choice (by an heroes), “Let the dog die with strangers. Or watch while we kill ‘it’.” And you’ll cheer! Such, an heros!

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