Man Pretends To Have Down Syndrome So He Could Get Caregivers To “Touch Him”

You know, there’s a legal way most losers go in order to “get some.”

They join the left.


An Arizona man feigning to suffer from Down syndrome tricked a series of female caregivers into bathing him and changing his diaper, according to investigators who have filed felony sex abuse and fraud charges against the creepy scamster.

As alleged in court documents, the scheme by Paul Menchaca, 30, began in May when he advertised on CareLinx, a “nationwide professional caregiver marketplace” that connects clientswith home care workers.

In response to the ad, a caregiver corresponded solely via text with a woman named “Amy,” who claimed to be Menchaca’s mother. “Amy” told the caregiver that her son had Down syndrome and “required diaper changes and assistance with bathing,” according to a court filing

Police allege that “Amy,” who arranged for payments and provided care instructions, was actually Menchaca himself.

The first caregiver told police that she bathed Menchaca and changed his diaper on about 30 occasions. The woman told police that Menchaca occasionally complained “aggressively” that his genitals “were not cleaned enough,” which prompted her to wipe them “more thoroughly.” The caregiver added that Menchaca “had an erection every time his diaper was changed and when he was bathed.”

The other two caregivers told cops that they were hired by “Amy” to bathe and diaper her son (who, they reported, was aroused each time his diaper was changed).


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15 Comments on Man Pretends To Have Down Syndrome So He Could Get Caregivers To “Touch Him”

  1. Stormy Daniels tied up (heh heh) at the moment?

    He may not be an idiot, but he definitely has mental problems.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I can think of a couple of turds on the right that would pull a stunt like that. Jeff Flake, Arnold Schwarzenigger, the other one was buried last week.

  3. How is this a shock? This happens 24/7 in a med/surg floor in the hospital, or a nursing home. They’re just old enough to play the dementia card.

    Totally ambulatory men who shit themselves on purpose. And then when you call them on it, “There’s nothing you can do.”

    Also in home health care. Then you’re one-on-one. No one to call for back-up aid…

    Then you get to see the family scramble to keep their bennies when you report them to APS. Even through agency.

    And those bad apples spoil the barrel for the good ones.

  4. Men can certainly be strange creatures, indeed.

    All in all, I suspect it would have been cheaper and easier for him to have hired a prostitute to play nanny. They’ll do that, although I suspect it’s not a favorite role play….. ….Lady in Red

  5. @Jerry Manderin September 14, 2018 at 9:22 am

    > You mean alll I had to do to get more chicks in high school was to act like a bed wetting retard?

    You forgot the pocket full o’ cash. All the ladies love a tard with cash.


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