Man Sets Himself on Fire Following Dallas Cowboys Loss

KFI: A 27-year old man from Vero Beach, Florida, had such a large fire burning in him after witnessing his team lose, that he decided to light himself on fire shortly after the game ended.

According to the Sebastian Daily, the man was rushed to the hospital after losing a bet on Sunday’s Cowboys-Packers game. The couple told deputies at the hospital that the plan was to light the losing team’s jersey on fire after the game.  more

14 Comments on Man Sets Himself on Fire Following Dallas Cowboys Loss

  1. The lack of mental health availability in America seems very lacking, or perhaps it’s just that most Democrats are unaware of such services.

  2. Pretty sure this crazy asshole would’ve performed self-imolation for pretty much any reason sooner or later.

  3. why does Florida have so many Darwin candidates? It doesn’t have a monopoly but there seems to be a lot of weird shit going on down there.


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