Man stabs two at Mall of America


Details are starting to emerge in the wake of Sunday’s stabbing attack at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota.Mahad Abdirahaman stabbed two shoppers at a Macy’s Sunday evening in what police are now calling an “interrupted theft.”

The Bloomington police department initially broke the news at about 6:00 PM Pacific Time last night:

A subject is in custody after a stabbing at Macy’s MOA. BPD will address
media at the media staging area across Killebrew Dr @8:30 pm 

Details were scarce until police chief Jeff Potts issued a statement earlier today.

It all started around 6:45 PM in the Macy’s dressing room. Two men were trying on clothes, but left the fitting rooms briefly to show their friends.

Abdirahaman snuck into the empty changing room and proceeded to steal some of their belongings.

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