Man! Those Doggy DNA Tests Are Thorough!

h/t Right Wing Feather.

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  1. A corgi penis?
    The best dog I have ever seen is my GF’s half Jack Russle and half Poodle dog.
    He’s a rescue. He lived on the streets of San Diego for about two years before some neighbors finally caught him and she adopted him. He had been run over a couple of times and we think beaten.
    I’d think after all that the dog would psycho, but nope, he grateful to be here and smart as a whip and gets along with her cat and all the neighborhood animals.

  2. LOL! A wonderful friend of mine runs a multi-faceted dog business — mostly training, a gang of walkers, etc. But she’s a very experienced doggy psychologist, I guess you’d call her. Knows why dogs do what dogs do and helps owners change their and their animal’s behavior for the better.

    Anyway, she just told me about this doggy dna ripoff. She said there is no way to determine a mutt’s make-up with any accuracy at all through dna testing.

    I wish I’d thought of it for a business!

  3. Compartmentalizing animals into breeds is akin to racism. The dogs don’t seem to care. Why should we?
    He should have screamed “BREEDIST!!!” at everyone who asked what breed the dog was.

  4. the dog in the video looks much like a mutt that my mother adopted a hundred or so years back. He was psychotic and a baritone. She named him Luciano. When she decided Luciano must go, she advertised him locally as free to loving home. A VERY large woman with four or five children showed up and met and played with him in the front yard. Once they decided that Luciano was right for them and assured my Mother that he was in good hands, he proceeded to urinate on the Lady’s ankle to which she laughed and quipped: “He’ll fit right in….”

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. For the first 3 minutes you could replace DNA test with Colonoscopy and you have the Senior’s of today.

  6. Pretty funny video. One of mine (a rescue) is like the one in the video. Name a breed and there’s a good chance it’s in there somewhere. I don’t know or care what he is, all I know is he made our lives better. He’s old and not long for this earth and will be sorely missed when the time comes.

  7. LOL! Funny video!


    I used to watch the Dog Whisperer. Cesar always explained what make a dog tick. They still have the pack mentality by instinct. Their will always be a Alpha, but the rest of the pack is quite content to be submissive. It keeps the lid on things.

    However, things can go awry with a pack member. We had a local women who had her face eaten by a Pitbull she and her husband owned. The woman and her husband had a physical dispute a few hours prior to the attack, so I suspect the Pitbull decided it was time to rearrange his status in the pack by taking out the wife.

    Never own a Pitbull.

  8. I have two dogs, one is a Yellow Lab with a little Meth Lab thrown in.
    I can get him to wait patiently for his food command, with drool hitting the floor. He absolutely, will not wait, until the ball hits the ground.
    That’s the Meth Lab in him.
    The other is background unknown, I’m going with Dachshund/Terror Terrier.
    All muscle and fearless.
    Had a buddy from OK City, said they were Sooners.
    Sooner one thing as another.

  9. “I wish I’d thought of it for a business!”
    – AbigailAdams June 14, 2018 at 2:28 am


    After all these years of seeing who you are here, I’m certain you have way too much integrity to lie for a living.



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