Man upset about Waffle House prices

waffle house sausage biscuit

Georgia Man Smashes Door at Waffle House After the Price of Sausage Biscuits Goes Up By 50 Cents.

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  1. I hope that jerk is happy with the free meals in jail.

    If I were the WH manager, though, I’d be satisfied if he replaced the door and bought a round of sausage biscuits for the house.

  2. How exactly did he smash the door?

    Did he fire a brick through it or hit it with his fist?

    Or did he exit the building quickly, in a huff, flinging the door open?

    In the latter scenario, I’d counter sue for having a faulty door endangering my life. There are reasons why there are hydraulic door stops on swinging doors. 1.) Irate customers fleeing 2.) Wind gusts. 3.) Handles that can hit glass surrounding the arc of the door. 4.) To hold the door open. etc.

    I’ve unintentionally nearly smashed doors with faulty door stops. I pulled or pushed expecting resistance, suddenly the door is flying, it can happen whether you’re angry or not.

  3. I have always wanted to own a Huff, just so I could leave someplace in it. However, I’ve been told they don’t make them anymore. I mean, I’ve checked used car lots, the Internet – everywhere. No luck. I guess I’ll just have to settle for a Lurch. I hear there’s still a few of those around that you can leave someone in…


  4. Talk to “our” current SecState, John sKerry. I figure that’s about as close to a Lurch as you’d want to get.

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