Man Upset With AT&T Trucks Outside Home Shoots Out Tires

KFI: A retired Florida firefighter who allegedly shot out the tires of two AT&T trucks parked in front of his house told police he “went bananas,” Local 10 reports.The trucks were parked in front of the Hialeah home of 64-year-old Jorge Jove on Wednesday while workers hung lines on nearby utility poles. The trucks were parked in the street, but Jove was reportedly worried about them damaging his driveway—a neighbor tells WSVN that AT&T trucks had done so in the past—and he confronted the workers.   more


9 Comments on Man Upset With AT&T Trucks Outside Home Shoots Out Tires

  1. When this old man tells you “to get off his lawn”–you had better take him seriously. I am happy the guy in the bucket was not harmed.

  2. What is with this “allegedly” crap? Watching that video,should leave NO doubt about what transpired. The guy lost it; thank heaven he stopped where he did.

  3. There are more “creative” ways to get even than capping a few rounds into an unoccupied truck. How do I get in touch with Jorge?

  4. Now they will take all guns from the over 60 crowd. I understand where he is coming from.
    I moved to the country when I retired. 300 acres. No noise. No people. No AT&T.
    There is a helicopter asking for it tho.

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