Man Who Posts ‘OK Boomer’ In Response To Everything To Receive Netflix Comedy Special

I love this Babylon Bee post, and hope it kills the “Okay Boomer” retort dead in its tracks.

Babylon Bee-

U.S.—Looks like there’s a new giant in the competitive world of modern comedy: local Portland man Bill Patterson, who goes by the name “Billy Pants” on social media, is receiving his own Netflix comedy special after replying “OK boomer” to hundreds of different posts over the past week.

The show will have Patterson stand up on stage and say “OK boomer” over and over again for a full 90 minutes. Patterson will call on people from the audience, and once they’re done asking a question or making a statement, he’ll just say “OK boomer” to uproarious laughter from the show’s laugh track.

“I guess I just have a knack for comedy,” Patterson told reporters, shrugging.


11 Comments on Man Who Posts ‘OK Boomer’ In Response To Everything To Receive Netflix Comedy Special

  1. “OK Boomer” qualifies for a show? Really??
    Achmed’s “I Keel You!” is far better, but the one that not only qualifies for a shoe, but would win the Emy is:
    “Epstien Didn’t Kill Himself!”

  2. funny how the people who roll their eyes at Boomers are still using the same 50 year-old chants at their Social Justice Events.

    “Hey hey, ho ho,
    White Privilege
    Has got to go!”

    Knock it off, kids.

  3. That would still be more entertaining than watching a porcine leather clad Amy Schumer make jokes about her smelly vagina.

  4. “Hey, it’s the ‘I didn’t do it’ kid!”

    Simpsons did it.

    Doesn’t a taunt require the recipient to be somehow offended, or triggered? I don’t see any of that. I think OK Boomer is another example of projection from those who do get triggered by the smallest thing.

  5. This guy thinks he has a “knack” for comedy?

    Trust me, “Billy Pants” will have a “knack” for hanging sheet rock in 2 years telling his “jokes” to the mudder.


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