Man who provided pop-up pool for Portland homeless during heatwave is fatally stabbed

Tyson Morlock’s good deed did not go unpunished. He was fatally stabbed at this location.


A man whose ingenious pop-up swimming pool kept the homeless cool during the recent heat wave was fatally stabbed in the same spot just one day later, according to Portland police.

Officers identified Tyson L. Morlock as the man who was found stabbed in the inner eastside Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood at Division Street and Southeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard around 3:37 a.m. on Thursday, July 1.

Despite life-saving efforts from paramedics, he died shortly thereafter in a nearby hospital, according to authorities.

Homicide detectives say the person who stabbed Morlock remained at the scene and was interviewed, but “has not been charged at this time and we are not releasing his name.”


33 Comments on Man who provided pop-up pool for Portland homeless during heatwave is fatally stabbed

  1. Really a shame.
    A good heart and completely naïve.

    Hope the fukkin bums are happy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Another good reason never to do good deeds for ferals in any area where there’s an MLK Blvd. They don’t appreciate the help especially if it’s from whitey despite his good intentions.

  3. Sure. Give them a pop up swimming pool instead of Teatment, a Job, & Dignity.

    Worked out well eh!

  4. Unremarkable news from a typical leftist sewer. This clown just paid his idiot tax in full.

  5. Last year I priced this exact same pool since the kids were denied a pool pass due to the government’s reaction to the coof. Can you believe it was priced – and selling – for $1800? I was like holy hell kids, too bad, you’ll have to jump around in the sprinkler.

  6. There was a good reason why we had Vagrancy laws way back when…
    We can pay out 60K per tent, but we can’t support jails and institutions to keep people like this out of Society? Go figgur!

  7. LCD: because the murderer is a member of a protected class (homeless) or race. And it’s Portland.

  8. This is Portland. The guy was probably stabbed by one of the city councilmen simply wanting to maintain the status quo. That’s how the west coast of Oregon celebrates the 4th of July.

  9. No more pop up pools for him. His worries and trials are over. One Antifa gone, many more to follow.

  10. That pool….did it even have chlorine? Yuck! It’s like a giant bathtub full of hobo ass juice marinade.


  11. Yea when I’m thirsty I don’t reach for a bottle of water, I go for the more expensive Slurpee.

  12. Maybe the guy started playing lifeguard, and he told the killer to get out of the pool.

    I’m serious!

  13. His death may have been ultimately worth it because then 🤡🌎 would have never invented the term…

    “hobo ass juice marinade”


  14. The MLK oriented city where I grew up just installed their first female, black mayor last week. The first black mayor, who was male, went to prison for graft. Needless to say, I shop in the surrounding communities when possible and I’m heavily armed when I have to go there. Everyone knows not to shop at the Target there if you’re white. The city’s population is less today than it was forty years ago, mainly because of the corrupt school system. The cause of that was the uber-corrupt superintendent, Dr. Carroll Thomas. He was the mastermind behind the city’s collapse and he got off scot free, even though many of the patsies he set up to take the fall went to prison.

  15. Bad idea in the first place. Catering to people who choose to live outside only encourages them. The money the kid spent on the pool probably pissed his murderer off because a pool isn’t exactly easily converted to cash for drugs.

  16. Bless his heart

    And @ Tim JULY 4, 2021 AT 8:53 AM no, I don’t concede that his intentions were good.

  17. What made him think he could get any of those filthy scum to get near anything close to a bathtub?


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