Man who ripped MAGA hat from kid’s head arrested for theft


A Texas man who allegedly stole a teenager’s Make America Great Again Hat and threw a drink in his face at a San Antonio Whataburger on Tuesday night has been arrested.  Story

24 Comments on Man who ripped MAGA hat from kid’s head arrested for theft

  1. I wonder if the cretin has someone setting up a “Go Fund Me” page for his lawyer fees?
    Maybe Auntie Maxiepad can give him a shout out at this week’s rally!

  2. Charge that puton with “Grand Theft, MAGA”

    Let’s start pulling law out of our assholes; just like they do

  3. This is more than theft, an assault was committed. Why no charge for the assault? Throw the book at him!

  4. I wonder if the cretin has someone setting up a “Go Fund Me” page for his lawyer fees?

    The leftwing shitfingers had one up early on, it has been disappeared already.

  5. Child abuse, child endangerment, disturbing the peace, politically motivated violence, somebody already got hate crime….. Russian collusion, money laundering, in possession of a low IQ…

  6. I thought the standard punishment in Texas for assholes like this was to wrap a chain around their ankles and hitch them up to a pickup truck and give them drag around some of the roughly paved back roads?

  7. Lost his lame “job”, doxxed to purgatory, arrested and jailed, is now unemployable, the world now knows his “Il Douche” face, lives off his moms, new poster boy of the Progs, it’s not a good look.
    I hope that 1 minute of self-congratulation and a $20 hat was worth it, shit bag.

  8. You just wait… SA isn’t Berkeley. Not by half… Big AF base, etc… Plenty of ex-military in the jury pool down there. Just don’t let him do a venue change to Austin/Travis Co. 🙂


  9. @Anon, it’s been asked, not answered, I going with yes, maybe longer than me.
    That doesn’t make him an American, Americans don’t do shit like this !

  10. I can almost guarantee that thug punk would never try to do that to a grown man. Just a sissy punk tough guy taking advantage of the environment he was in to impress his pal.

  11. If somebody would pay him a visit and film it…. that could go a long way toward convincing other libshitstains to dial it down.

    … and it would be wildly entertaining.

  12. This is 180 degrees from what would have happened with the great and mysterious O behind the curtain.

    Sometimes you need to step back a bit and realize the subtle miracle/answered-prayer in front of you.

    This is why we elected Trump. It was crazy how everything was getting turned upside down. The Dem party has become blatant about destroying all that is good about America, so you know damn well this would likely have very different events taking place instead of losing a job and getting arrested. They think they are justified. They’re not, but that wouldn’t matter if they were in power.

    So I await, with some satisfaction already had, for the third price this cretin will pay for his wrong-headed ways. There will be more payments exacted from him. One way or another.


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