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Man with paddles offers ‘free αss whoopins’ to kids — people are confused


On Tuesday, Dwayne A. Stamper Sr., a father-of-five in Muncie, Indiana posted a Facebook photo of himself sitting in his driveway with a cardboard sign that read, “Free αss whoopins,” while holding a paddle.

The caption read, “Parents, your kids need a whoopin? Summer can’t end fast enough? Stop by, I’m set up! No kids over 13….They may whoop me.”

The photo landed with 33K reactions, 176K shares, and 9.5K comments. Many people agreed with Stamper’s approach to discipline, citing a universal lack of respect among children. A large number found the photo hilarious: How much for a house call?”

However, a few disagreed with the idea of physical punishment, pointing out, No it’s not that some kids are good and some are bad, others have better comprehensive capabilities than others. Meaning others will learn slower than others, therefore, will take much more effort to discipline and raise than said others. Like me. I was a handful due to my learning disabilities….”

Someone else wrote that no one should be spanking children under any circumstances. 

The 46-year-old operator for General Motors says he posted the photo after witnessing an exchange between a mother and her child earlier that day. “I was at a restaurant and a boy about five or six-years-old and carrying a blanket, wouldn’t stop crying because he couldn’t have a piece of gum,” Stamper tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Finally, I said to the mother, ‘Would you like me to take care of that for you?’ but she told me it wouldn’t work. The grandmother also said the kid was spoiled.’”

He adds, “A few minutes later, the boy was still crying and I told his mother, ‘Lady if you bust that a**, he will be quiet. I got whoopings when I was growing up and I learned how to be quiet.’”


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I love that it says he’s a “limited liability corporation” on his sign.

He should have said, “limited liability corporalation.”

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  1. “Meaning others will learn slower than others, therefore, will take much more effort to discipline and raise than said others. Like me. I was a handful due to my learning disabilities”

    Well it sounds like that person’s parents must have been slower than the kid.

    I wish people would quit involving their drama and ruining others’ jokes.
    As if he was randomly beating children who passed by.

  2. “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.” ~ Proverbs 13:24 (NIV)

    a well-timed, applied Can of WhoopAss does wonders for getting the little tykes attention ~ Proverbs 13:24 (ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Version)

  3. I cannot really tell, but his paddle doesn’t appear to have the holes needed to maximize speed @ impact. My father was an engineer, and he designed several versions. Fortunately, my brother was the more common testee.

  4. When me and my brothers were ‘confused’, we either got the flat end of the belt or moms ‘paddle’ at the time was that toy thing with the ball and thin rubber band…it fit very nice into her small hand.

    She had her way! Old Irish.

    My dad was working at the time at night second job…to raise TEN.

    Thanks Mom and Dad! RIP

    Oh in the pic on that paddle leaning on the table what is

  5. I go back to the days most Jr. Hi School teachers had an Ass-Whoopin’ paddle very similar to this guy’s paddles sitting at their desks … many had 3/4″ holes drilled in them to increase swing-speed (& properly applied, increases the sting!)

    & if you told your parents that you got a Ass-Whoopin’ in school you’d get another one after you had to “wait ’till your father gets home!”
    … back in the days when people didn’t crap on the sidewalk ….

    oh, & my dad was a part-time barber … he didn’t use a belt … he had a razor strop … mom was kinder, she made me go out to the Goldenrod bush & carve her up a switch

  6. I used a large flat wooden spoon on my kids. My mom used a metal pancake turmer. Stung like heck, left no mark.

    She found out one time that I really disrespected a neighbor one time. She made me wash up, put on a clean pinafore and marched me over to his house and made me apologize.

    Thank you Mama for keeping my sister and me on the straight and narrow.

  7. @ Anon – childish adults are way beyond any type of help.

    That is why we, as adults, take care of childish behaviour when it happens.

    Nip it in the bud…


  8. All the shop teachers and PE coaches in Jr. high/high school had paddles, many with holes in them which would leave a nice red pattern on the offending tushie. If you misbehaved in one of the wimmen teachers classes, they were always on call to come over and remedy the problem, too. My drafting instructor in HS had a baseball bat with the sides planed down flat. No holes were present, nor were they needed. I never saw it used. It was like nuclear weapons – just the threat of it was enough to ensure good behavior.

  9. @ghost of col j glover: My mom (also Irish) used the same thing on us; maybe we’re related? She also used a ping pong paddle. The old man used a belt (but in retrospect, i think they both pulled their punches.

  10. My mom had a paddle like that, hanging on the wall of the kitchen. It had a picture of a deer and a bear sneaking through the woods, with a caption “For the little dear with the bare behind.”
    She broke it on my brother’s ass.
    It’s funny – our father never had to discipline us…

  11. My Father, whilst a strict disciplinarian did not have a mean bone in his body. I can remember trembling and waiting for the poor guy to get home from work and the misery on his face when I had to tell him he had to spank me…… Daddy just wanted to come home, eat some dinner and have a glass of scotch….. but NOOOOOO, he had to take care of business. I was the baby and he always pulled his punches. Moma on the other hand was a little mean. I miss them both every day.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  12. Some people just can’t take a joke.

    Back many years ago in Catholic school there was an enforcement device labeled “Board of Education” up front in the classroom in plain view. I don’t recall that it was ever used. These days a teacher would be arrested, fired, and publicly shamed. And perhaps hit with the device before it all happened.

    @RottyLover: Just saw your post! Board of Education!

  13. I sure don’t want to let the little brats off the hook, but a good measure of blame goes to parents who take children who haven’t learned to behave properly out in public where the rest of us are exposed to their tantrums and other misbehavior.

    If your kids can’t behave, don’t inflict them on me!

  14. Pro Tip: Don’t ever search for “paddling” on the internet. I made that mistake years ago while looking for a nice pic of canoe/kayak on the water for my work computer wallpaper. My plan was aborted real fast. It’s probably worse now.

  15. Worst one I ever got was after being caught making fun of the cadence of the lecture that came along with the initial ass whoopin’

    The principal at our Junior high was one tough hombre. I still remember: You think that was funny, huh smart guy, well we will see who has the last laugh. Now get your ass over here and now, because if I have to chase you down I’m coming loaded for bear.

  16. @u

    My daughter learned the flop at YMCA when about three, from watching and learning from the brats. She tried it once and I walked over and turned on a water hose and by the time I got half way back to her she decided: Daddy don’t play that shit. I can’t believe how many parents screwed around with a kid who pulled that crap.

  17. I got very few spankings growing up, not because my parents didn’t spank, but because I didn’t want a spanking so I knew when to stop my shit. My brother wasn’t as smart as me so he got lots of spankings. lol

    I spanked my kids, but I can count on one hand how many they got and they will tell you to this day they never got one they didn’t deserve. They were pretty smart kids and knew when to stop the shit. 🙂 Although, my youngest hated way more from being grounded from going outside, he would beg for a spanking. lol

    They didn’t act up in public because the few times they tried they were smart enough to know what taking them to the bathroom meant.

    Today when I see a parent out in public who spanks their kid’s ass, I always want to clap. Far too many kids acting like hoodlums.

  18. DJT put up a similar sign in 2016. A lot of people were all for the idea and gave him the job. Knowing there are way to many spoilt brats in DC who need a good whoopin.


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