Man Yells “CNN is Fake News” at Anderson Cooper 😂

14 Comments on Man Yells “CNN is Fake News” at Anderson Cooper 😂

  1. There is something freakish about him aside from his homosexuality, he’s creepy too. I guess he’s what passes for sophisticated in the mind of New York City residents. It doesn’t play well for the rest of the country tho they could care less.

  2. Yea He looks computer generated
    and printed on a 3D printer,kinda
    like a modern day real life Max Headroom.

  3. “Man Yells “CNN is Fake News” at Anderson Cooper”

    Is this what’s known as “Preaching to the Choir?”

    Surely, Cooper is aware of this most obvious fact?

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. The Fake News Media has ZERO credibility.

    More lies and propaganda than PRAVDA on steroids. Seriously, who is stupid enough and utterly lacking in discernment to watch CNN? They must have been brain donors.

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