Manatee Status May Change : ‘Endangered’ to ‘Threatened ‘


The manatee’s status as an endangered animal may be downgraded as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service reviews it and could make the manatee just a “threatened” species.

Classifying the manatee as a “threatened” species would allow some flexibility for federal officials as the species recovers while maintaining most of the protections afforded to animals listed as endangered, The Associated Press reports.

As part of the lengthy review process, the agency is seeking public comment on its finding that a petition to reclassify the manatee has merits. The deadline is Tuesday. A decision on whether a change is warranted won’t be made until the agency completes its review, which could take a year.



19 Comments on Manatee Status May Change : ‘Endangered’ to ‘Threatened ‘

  1. Something is seriously wrong in the head of anyone who characterizes an improvement in species outlook as a “downgrade.”

    Being taken off the endangered list sure sounds like an UPGRADE to me!

  2. If all goes well, manatee status is expected to be downgraded further to “Man-Gazed” by next year, but Fish & Wildlife officials say they (the manatees, not the officials) will never be able to survive if fully downgraded to “Off-Budget”.

  3. I am sure the Save The Manatee Club is furious about this improvement in status from “Endangered” to “Threatened”. After all, the only thing being threatened here are the phoney baloney jobs that Save the Manatee Club has created for themselves.

    SMC got its start when a boozed up, coked up and drugged up asshole named Jimmy Buffett managed to fuck up and get caught in Monroe County in the Keys whilst driving his car totally baked. But since the activist filthy hippy judge was a pal of Buffett’s, instead of making poor little Jimmy wear an orange prison jumpsuit and do 30+ hours of community service picking up dead raccoons on the roadside like the rest of us unconnected peasants, the asshole jusdge allowed Buffett to weasel out of community service if he did something equivalent for charity.

    Buffett cooked up the idea for Save The Manatee Club and Florida boaters have hated Buffett with a vengeance ever since, because of the SMC’s relentless campaign for yet more unneeded, unscientific “manatee zones”. It’s funny how Manatee Zones only seem to be around expensive waterfront mansions. But then again, maybe its because Manatee Zones are really No Wake Zones on crack with some real teeth to them.

    The West Indian Manatee has never been threatened, let alone endangered. The fact is, the West Indian Mantee’s natural home has always been….(drumroll)…in the West Indies! The dumb beasts are MIGRATORY – they are NOT natives of Florida and never were. Before the advent of electric utility plants with warm water outfalls, the West Indian manatees would plod northward in the Summer, hang out for a while and then head back south when the first cold front blew through from the north. But now these damn blubberbutts hang out year-round in Forida because the warm water utility plant outlets make it feasible for them. These damn animals eat all the natural aquatic vegetation and destroy the ecosystem.

    The only reason I can think why the longhaired filthy hippies embrace the West Indian Manatee is because it fits in with their mindset – stick around being unproductive and be a net destroyer of resources. The manatee is Nature’s welfare bum with an unlimited EBT card.


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