Manchin vows to ‘make sure the IRS doesn’t harass anybody’ with $80 billion in spend and tax bill – IOTW Report

Manchin vows to ‘make sure the IRS doesn’t harass anybody’ with $80 billion in spend and tax bill

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West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin told reporters that he’s going to make sure the IRS “doesn’t harass anybody” with the $80 billion they received in the $740 billion spending and tax package he helped negotiate.

With the $80 billion, the IRS is able to hire up to 87,000 new agents to ramp up tax collection.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that $20 billion of new audits could come from those earning less than $400,000 per year under the provisions of the bill. The IRS has said its additional resources won’t be applied to households making below $400,000. President Biden formally signed the legislation into law on Tuesday.

“We’re going to follow all the way through, I’m going to follow to make sure the IRS doesn’t harass anybody, and I would encourage all of my political friends to make sure their staffs are in contact with the IRS,” Manchin said after attending the signing ceremony at the White House. “I want to make sure the EPA doesn’t overreach, and it’s balanced of how they do it. You know, there’s always a way to go out, rather than going out with a cease and desist order, go out with an idea of how you make it better, work together.” more here

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  1. Yea, like Washington needs more money to waste in order for them to get under the table kick backs into their own estates. We all just got a full understanding on how the FBI and DOJ works on overreach and abuse.

  2. What you promise to do FOR us is irrelevant, Joe.

    You are done because of what you’ve done TO us.

    I know WVa. You fucked with coal. You’re done.

    Even if Dominion cheats you out a win, you’ll still be remembered when the time comes. And the jackbooted, armed “IRS agents” murdering citizens that YOU funded will make that time come MUCH sooner. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As true in tyranny as it is in physics. You’ll see.

    Best you can do at this point is pray you get buried in secret so your grave doesn’t get violated.

    But you’ve unquestionably dug that grave.

    Now go fall into it.

  3. “I’ll make sure the IRS doesn’t harass anybody”.~~ Manchin

    So the IRS and EPA will sweep in, audit you, raise your taxes and fine you, but they’ll do it with a smile on their face.

    Thanks for nothing, Manchin. You sold out (you were bought) for pork projects. Another tax and lie democrat.

  4. My eyes rolled so far back from his bs i now see behind me. Joe sold is out and now want absolution? I dont think so

  5. As he always does he votes for a bill and then talks tough against it to keep the wishy washy Rino’s and ill informed saying “he’s a good Democrat!”

  6. “ The IRS has said its additional resources won’t be applied to households making below $400,000.”

    Did you see what they did there? The ADDITIONAL resources won’t be applied to those making below $400,000, BUT those additional resources will free-up all their EXISTING resources to be used against those making under $400k. You know, the experienced veteran auditors.

    Doesn’t matter what they say anyway, they are lying.

  7. Uhm.. I’m ALREADY harassed.

    2.8 million people make 400k+ in the US.
    IRS agents, on average, hassle only 0.25% of taxpayers. That means 87,000 agents are going to hassle 7000 people making more than 400k. That means 7000 people are going to pay, on average, $2.8 MILLION to make up that $20B of additional audits. How’s someone making 400k going to cough up $2.8 million? hmmmmm… Even if they start hassling double that amount of people, still gotta get 14,000 people to cough up $1.4 million each. Nope, they’re coming for everyone…

  8. Outdoorjohn how do we all sign up for this wind fall of money.
    That pretty low stealing your screen name to try and scam us.

  9. No one outside WV will know how these very polite, honest, steadfast, loving people of WV will react until their vote comes next concerning Manchin.

  10. Munchkin will bravely stop the IRS
    from badgering, harassing and
    unjustly charging anyone?

    He’s brutally outnumbered.

    The IRS has been trained to do this
    for generations!

    Munchkin believes you’re a fool,
    he would not be talking otherwise

  11. @JDHasty August 17, 2022 at 11:29 am

    > The only way to accomplish that is to defund the entire operation stat.

    How do you defund “You hold the gun to his face, I’ll take his wallet, and we’ll split the take.”?

    No. Seriously.

    They “self” fund by theft. Give them no, zero, seed money — and they can still “self” fund by theft.

    Maybe we can vote on it.

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