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Mandatory Vaccination For VA, State of California And New York City Employees

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New York City, the Department of Veteran Affairs and the state of California announced plans Monday to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for many of their employees, a shift in how the country is seemingly dealing with vaccine hesitancy after months of campaigning to the public then offering money and prizes when vaccination levels dipped.

In New York and California, the mandate comes with the option of wearing a mask and receiving testing at least once a week if a worker does not want to be vaccinated. The VA did not offer another option for its medical employees.

The announcements, including in the most populated city and state in the country, came as the more infectious delta variant continues its spread across the country, leading to spikes, outbreaks and the reinstallment of some COVID restrictions in certain areas. More

Official statement from the Veterans Affairs Administration Here

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  1. soooo … ‘hotspots’, according to the CDC, are defined as the VA, California & NYC

    … thanks for the clarification

  2. Color me confused…

    With almost 200 million “vaccinated” and another 100 million with natural immunity the only ones left are younger kids that have no vaccine available and a cohort of 20 million without any immunity who can still catch the Rona?

    Oh, that right, the vaccinated can and are getting the Rona again because it’s an immunotherapy not a immunization.

    You notice there are no CDC stats on how many with natural immunity are recatching the Wu Flu?

    That’s right, they are not, only the vaccinated are catching it again. What’s wrong with that sight picture?

    So maybe it’s more effective to just not get vaccinated and survive a flu with a 98% survival rate so you have absolute immunity.

    So the shots are only therapeutic and catching China Flu is an effective antidote to never getting it again.

    And they talk about the big lie.

    Actual immunity is only acquired by surviving the Bat Flu. Ergo the shots that will soon become federally mandated must be for another reason.

    Do the math patriots.

  3. Another interesting thought,

    Will those vaccinated who catch the Rona again now develop natural immunity or will the shot actually ensure you cannot because your RNA has already been altered before exposure thus it’s guaranteed to be Rona 4eva and control will never be relinquished.

    Perhaps the shot creates a lifelong healthcare dependency that only the feds can fix, wouldn’t that be oeachy?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. I’ve got a VA appointment in August and I’ll wager that the hard sell for the jab will begin. I’m surprised I’ve only gotten one letter so far explaining the benefits of getting it. The only good thing I’ll miss if they try to force compliance is the $0.415 per mile (160 miles round trip).

  5. even steven
    JULY 28, 2021 AT 1:29 AM
    “I’ll give up everything I own not to be murdered by that crap.”

    ….that’s good, you’ll probably be forced to give up everything you own because you refuse the jab.

    But you’ll be murdered by it anyway.

    Shed spike proteins from vaccinated people will infect you anyway, just as they are designed to do, so you’ll get it one way or another.

    Unless the government decides to make an example out of you and throw you down and forcibly inject you anyway.

    So either way, you’re going to be murdered with that crap by your own government.

    What you own is irrelevant, because they’ll be taking THAT sooner or later either way, its how Communists roll, its kind of their brand…

  6. A point that was raised earlier: apparently, the CDC is recommending that ONLY the unvaccinated be tested — if you’ve had one of the shots, you’re exempt. This means that new infections will ONLY show up amongst the unvaccinated, which will be used to drive that narrative that it’s the unvaccinated that are driving the infection rate. God only knows how many of the “vaccinated” will also be infected and transmitting the bug, and the CDC won’t give a shit, because that isn’t conducive to their narrative.


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