Manhattan DA’s Trump case rests on shaky legal, ethical ground, experts say – IOTW Report

Manhattan DA’s Trump case rests on shaky legal, ethical ground, experts say

JTN: Former President Donald Trump on Saturday shocked the world with an announcement that he expects to be arrested Tuesday in connection with an ongoing investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a case legal scholars have suggested has a questionable legal basis.

The investigation involves Trump’s 2016 alleged payment of $130,000 in hush money to Stormy Daniels via his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, whom he later reimbursed.

While Bragg has not announced specific charges, legal scholars such as George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley are predicting an indictment for falsifying business records under New York Section 175. Such a charge would likely be based on Trump’s labeling his reimbursement of Cohen as a legal expense.

Trump’s attorney, Joe Tacopina has argued that Trump’s payment to Cohen was in fact a legitimate legal fee. Trump, he noted, never directly paid Daniels any money. Rather, he only paid his own lawyer for services rendered, i.e. legal fees. more

12 Comments on Manhattan DA’s Trump case rests on shaky legal, ethical ground, experts say

  1. OH YEAH!!



  2. Let’s hope that by making that announcement this weekend President Trump disrupted the deep state goons enough that they back off.

  3. As if this has anything to do with ‘legal grounds’?

  4. Shaky legal ground? I’d say Bragg Garbg is on shaky surviving until his next birthday ground.

  5. They don’t really have to convict. They mainly want the photo op of the perp walk, but if they can get him into the clutches of the New York penal system even for a short time, that would be jackpot.

  6. This has NOTHING to do with legal or illegal. It’s a vendetta. The left HATES Trump with an irrational all consuming level of anger. They want him DEAD. If they can’t get that they want him behind bars….where it will be easier to “Epstein” him. This is blatant “lawfare”, the use of the legal system as a weapon. The facts are irrelevant. They will either pack the jury with committed leftists or force him to take a bench trial before one of their pet black robed pirates. There will be NO JUSTICE for Trump. America as a free nation is DONE. If this doesn’t prove that to people than they are BEYOND REASON and BEYOND SAVING.

  7. Just think about this.
    Our side CANNOT even protest Trump’s arrest.
    They will jail us.
    Their side can burn down entire cities.
    They have already won.

  8. badge/lawyer/politician/robe nwords, proceed @ your own risk

  9. Fact is that besides Mayor ‘Uncle’ Eric Adams, Bragg is Joe Biden’s and Hochul’s plantation dweller. Bragg (and Adams) stupidly thinks those two smelly slobs really like him. lol

  10. MY grand dad convinced me 71 years ago that “experts’ all have their heads up their a–. Experts said 103 years ago Signal Hill would be dry by 1930. In 1952 we were pumping 7 (seven) times as much as 1920. Still doing so 103 years later!

    this century “experts” said Iraq had 1,000 Abomb!@#$%^&*!

    “Experts’ have proved, to me, they either are liars or dumb!

  11. @Dan somethin about a revenge tour & havin the first strike.
    But come on man, Epstein him?
    Just a little pillow fight.

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