Manhattan’s Upper West Side Being Overrun By Rats

No, not just democrats, actual rats. They’ve always been a problem, but now they are so brazen they are jumping into baby strollers in search of food.


New Yorkers are complaining that rats have overrun some of the city’s parks and are leaping into strollers in search of food.

Residents of New York City’s Upper West Side have told State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal that rats are “everywhere” in areas like Central Park and Riverside Park, CBS New York reported.

“They said that the rats jump into the strollers, so they’re very brazen,” Rosenthal said.

 Rosenthal has asked the city to invest part of its $32 million Neighborhood Rat Reduction plan to specifically help combat the growing rat problem in her district, which includes the Upper West Side, as the rodents grow more daring in their pursuit of food.

“The rat problem here is severe,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “More money, more efforts need to be directed to the parks here on the Upper West Side.”

A City Hall spokeswoman said the city’s current plans focus on targeting the Lower East Side, Chinatown, the East Village, the Bronx’s Grand Concourse area and the Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhoods in Brooklyn.



In 2014, the television channel Animal Planet named New York City the “Worst Rat City in the World”, and rodentologist Bobby Corrigan called New York City the “USA’s No. 1 Pestropolis.”[10] Studies indicate that compared to other cities within the United States, the city is particularly well-suited for rats, taking into account such variables as human population patterns, public sanitation practices, climate, housing construction standards and other variables. Experts consider that the actual population varies, depending on climate, sanitation practices, efforts to control the population, and season.[4][11]

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  1. I know of one time tested solution. It only works on democrats so keep that in mind. Smear the little darlings with peanut butter and sardines. It works extremely well as a repellent.

  2. No need to complain, you chose to live in a rat infested shithole to begin with.
    $32 Million dollars for rat reduction program?
    I suspect some very connected people have the contracts and are living large in the big city.

  3. An invasion, imagine that. Maybe New Yorkers should just learn to live with it. What, you’re
    not happy? It’s not so fun when you’re on the receiving end of something nasty is it?
    If we have to “tolerate” so do you. At least the rats don’t rape.

  4. Liberal cities have AMAZING problems.

    I’m not sure why people tolerate it other than they need a place to work, but N.Y. and Chicago have so many profound problems.

  5. How about a Rat Competition, Winner Get’s $ 1,000,0000 Dollars Runner up $ 250,0000 etc. Teams Only and Night time Only !!! The Problem Would End, as Teams Pre- Scout Rat Populations Each Year… Think The Hot Dog eating Freak is Famous – Just wait !

  6. Someone ask Hawai’i how importing cats to take care of the rat problem works. Or how about mongoose? Nope, the islands are overrun with all 3 now. We had sewer rats (13 inches) in our house constantly no matter how many were trapped. Yeah, you don’t hear that about our nation’s wonderland.

  7. I always laugh when someone trots out that moronic cliche, “Those tough New Yorkers won’t stand for…”
    Bull! They will put up with the worst living standards.
    The truth is, Manhattan liberals have no standards at all. While ranting about the environment and “sustainability” they are absolute slobs who toss their garbage out the window. I’ve walked down streets where apartment buildings needing 10 garbage cans only have 5 and trash is all over the sidewalk. Everyone in the building is too damn lazy to get off their ass and buy a few more cans. They walk by the garbage everyday but won’t do a damn thing about it because Bernie and Barack and Hillary have told them that it’s someone else’s job.
    And that is why there will ALWAYS be rats in Manhattan. And roaches. Because the people are pigs who refuse to clean up their own environment.

  8. And while I’m ranting…
    Schmuck Schumer has the cushiest job in the world. Imagine being a senator where EVERYTHING that goes wrong in your state is something you react to with outrage! NOTHING is your responsibility! It’s all someone else’s fault! And for a bonus, no one in the New York press EVER ONCE said to him, “Well, you’re the senator in charge. Why can’t we hold YOU accountable?!?”

  9. Yee ha! Let me at ’em!

    I love my line of work .

    There’ll always be a need.

    Sometimes the parting comment at a job goes like this:” I hope you got every last one of them”

    Sorry ma’am, it’s company policy to leave one pregnant one. Job security, you know.

  10. Lisl,

    Pest-control actually costs money.

    If you have a problem with something like rats, you need to come up with the money for materials and the time it takes to work it.


    If you have a way of ridding a city of rats without spending money, everybody is all ears.

  11. Irony Curtain,
    I’m thinking that part of the “people won’t buy their own trash containers” problem is unions. As in all heavily DildoCratic cities, all major functions are unionized. So if a private individual buys and sets out their own trash container, because it’s not union approved and purchased, the container will just sit their, un-emptied. And you’re back where you started.

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