Manufacturing hate for “Made in America”

Michelle Malkin: It’s “Made In America” week in Washington, D.C. You’d think this would be cause for bipartisan celebration. Who could be against highlighting the ingenuity, self-reliance and success of our nation’s homegrown entrepreneurs and manufacturers?

Enter Bill Kristol.

The entrenched Beltway pundit ridiculed a festive kickoff event on Monday at the White House, where President Donald Trump hosted companies from all 50 states to showcased their American-made products.

“Maybe it’s just me,” killjoy Kristol tweeted, “but I find something off-putting about turning the White House into an exhibition hall for American tchotchkes.” (That’s the Yiddish word for useless trinkets).


Tell that to the engineers at Hytrol, the Arkansas-based conveyor manufacturer that brought a mechanical display of its technology to the State Dining Room. Hytrol’s late founder, Tom Loberg, started out as a gopher at an electronics parts factory during the Great Depression, worked his way up to designing Navy turbines, hydraulic pumps and cylinders, and entered the conveyor belt business after perfecting bag-transporting machinery for seed, grain and tobacco farmers.

Hytrol’s state-of-the-art products are now used by companies ranging from to Office Depot to leading pharmaceutical, retail, food and publishing conglomerates around the world. A pioneer in the materials handling industry, Hytrol employs 1,300 high-skilled workers and will rake in revenues of more than $200 million this year alone.

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27 Comments on Manufacturing hate for “Made in America”

  1. 💩 Why do you let liberals shit all over everything? 💩

    Just label them and dismiss them and see how they like it.

    Ex: bigots, racists, America-haters, heterophobes, Christianophobes.

  2. That’s funny; when the subject of useless trinkets and dust collectors comes up, it always reminds me of bill kristol!

  3. Dear little Billy,
    “Maybe it’s just me….”
    STOP. Yes, it is just you. Now, go take your meds, up your electro-shock voltage, and go play in traffic. The adults are discussing business.

  4. Intellectual Yet Idiot. “IYI” — It explains so much. Kristol lives in his own head. That is where the totality of all that is real resides. Everything else is measured against his own perfect ideas and found wanting. And it sounds like he bought into “The Story of Stuff.”

  5. Good call Willy, just trinkets that save lives in hospitals, improve manufacturing, and improve life in general in a thousand different ways. That’s something you’ll never be able to claim. Being a snotty stooge isn’t an asset.

  6. I’m 52. 20 years ago I would see somebody like Kristol talk on the political shows and think these were some smart folks. Now fast forward today and I see them as pompous stuffed shirts.

    Getting “wee-wee’d” up over showcasing American made products and brushing the event off without even being there first hand to see what is being showcased? FU Kristol.

  7. Note to Bill Kristol: your shit that you’re peddling does stink.
    You are not constructive, not insightful, and not representative of us.
    It’s been years since you said something that’s not snark or just stupid.
    Just who pays your salary?

  8. Bill Kristol is like the insufferable know-it-all in grade school who tattles on the other kids and cleans the chalkboard at the end of the day in order to suck up to the teacher.

  9. Neocon. That makes him a pretend conservative covert from liberalism, plus you have to admit he’s a vampire.

  10. Mr.Kristol, First, I would not show the disrespect for hard-working Americans that you do. Second, you have incredible audacity to charge thousands of dollars for people to go to resorts and cruises to listen to the elistst rhetoric that spews from your empty head. Fred Barnes should be embarrassed to represent you.

  11. @RightWinger
    I am 55 and have had the same experience. Where I once looked up to some of these pundits as intellectuals and the smartest people in the room, I now think “what a dope”.
    Live in the real world bubble-boy Billy.

  12. Kristol’s “Tchotchkes” comment is akin to 0bama’s “you didn’t build that” comment.
    I’m disgusted by them both. It’s one thing to be nevertrump, but it’s quite fucked up to dismiss hard working people/companies who make America stand out!
    Speaking for myself- I think Kristol’s a piece of smug shit and any blog who happily links Kristol’s articles, gets no visits from me.

  13. Little Billy has no clue about how manufacturing works, the technology needed to make things or how all that crap in his house is made.

    Simple mind, small man.

  14. I’d love to see a real American slap that smirk right off his smug face and then take it to Linda, er, Lindsay Graham.

  15. “Bend over Billy” does have his uses. Being an arrogant, self centered, fool is not useful for anybody.

  16. It’s exactly like Krystol’s agenda is diametrically opposed to what is good for the American people.

    You have to ask yourself, who *does* benefit from the insanely destructive crap Krystol peddles? That is where his loyalty actually lies.

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