Many Arabs Living in the West are Unhappy With the LGBTQ Community

Paul Joseph Watson posted this on Twitter-

A popular Arab vlogger went to a pride parade and posed with the “proud” and she cursed them in Arabic while putting on a fake smile.

The people in the video thought that she was being supportive.

Islam and gay don’t mix well. Importing them into the west at a time when LBGTQ people are the most seen and heard at any other time in history is probably not a great idea.

But the left knows better than everyone else. Just ask them.

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13 Comments on Many Arabs Living in the West are Unhappy With the LGBTQ Community

  1. Men can have sex in the arab world and they’re not gay but celebrating the male bond; but if you want to claim homo status then your verboten. Makes sense to me.

    A creeping problem we have in the United States is the bad medicine being practiced by muslime doctors on infidels. They aren’t actually hurting people but their standard of care and life applied to people is not good. Talk to a nurse who works at hospitals with a group of muslime doctors – you’ll hear a tale of “someone here doesn’t practice medicine like all the others.”

  2. Plenty of “Jews for Hitler” types in the gay and lesbian community. An orthodox Muslim would kill them and feel good about it.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  3. Who does one root for in that fight? Seems like irrespective of what side anyone may take the left is going to label them a bigot.

  4. I thought I saw mohammad dressed in Aisha’s underwear and dress in the background. Aren’t crossdressing pedophiles named mohammad perverts?
    Shame be upon the false prophet.

  5. And her “apology” was a lie! Bwahahahaha, when muslims take over I want a front row seat watching them fling these gullible queers from a roof. Their hubris in thinking that they can bring wolves like Islam into their fold is myopic, foolish and deadly.

  6. @JDHasty December 10, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    > Who does one root for in that fight?

    Whichever side, actually, will fight

  7. As Mark Steyn says: I’m a straight man, should I wake up to a shariah world I’ll just grow my beard out, pick up another wife or three and keep my head down.

    Thanksgiving for me is being laughed at by by femanazis sisters and Gary brothers-in-law and their significant others.

    I wont be racing to any of their defensive I can tell you.

  8. Could the fact that most Arab men would rather have sex with livestock than their women have anything to do with their rage?


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