Marcellus Wiley: Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ On NBA Courts Is A Bad Idea, Read BLM’s Mission Statement

Federalist: When the 2019-2020 National Basketball Associate (NBA) season resumes next month, all three arenas at the Walt Disney World Resort will have the words “Black Lives Matter” painted on the sidelines. The decision, made by the NBA and National Basketball Players Association, is also being considered by the WNBA when their season resumes at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

But not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. On the FOX Sports 1 show, “Speak for Yourself,” former NFL all-pro defensive end Marcellus Wiley, said identity politics is a slippery slope. 

“There’s a problem with when you start to go down this road of the freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and how much social space is allowed for those who don’t support in that same space, and that’s where I wonder where this is going to go in terms of identity politics. We know what identity politics does: it divides and it polarizes,” he said more

25 Comments on Marcellus Wiley: Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ On NBA Courts Is A Bad Idea, Read BLM’s Mission Statement

  1. The NBA, like the NFL and all the other sports organizations, does what its fans want them to do.

    That’s how they make their living, by attracting and pleasing large numbers of fans to watch their sports and pay their bills.

  2. I am glad to see Mr. Wiley has a conscience and realizes who and what the BLM Communists are trying to do. People are catching on to the Big Lie.
    I am also glad that BLM is using once favorite sports as one of their weapons where all can see their lies. Communists are so overplaying their hand that these sports they are interjecting their evil into will soon be seen as corporate shills for an evil movement that the majority of the fans will reject. The overpaid, arrogant owners and superstars will soon be a lot poorer as the fans walk away.
    I am expecting a hugh, permanent customer backlash when the NFL tries the black national anthem crap on them.

  3. Glad to see a pro sports name speaking out, but really don’t see it making any difference. Too many woke people

  4. Some scumbags put up a BLM sign and I assume the names of thugs that managed to get murdered by police up and down a road in our small town in TX. The BLM sign was gone in the 40 minutes I was at the grocery store. Just keep on doing it. This stuff is going boomerang back on them like they can’t imagine.

  5. Only the already Woke will see these foolish games and I can readily imagine that all the players get sick.

  6. Just keep stamping that propaganda into the brains of the ignoranuses that keep coughing up the big bux to “oppressed” multi-millionaires while yer neighborhoods burn! Great “logic”!

  7. Flip the script!
    I always thought black people were successful by working hard or studying, now I know it was only because they are black.
    Black nepotism.
    None of them would ever had been successful without playing the race card.
    Affirmative action was pure racist, forcing companies to hire based on skin color, instead of actual abilities.
    Their ancestors would be disgusted after working hard to give their families a better life and they continue to play the victims.
    They want to be judged as a group, judge them as a group.
    They’re obviously all just thugs, criminals, and thieves.

  8. That is the premise of white privilege. White people are only successful because of skin color.
    Not because of hard work, studying, having a job.

  9. Opposing blm is NOT a free speech issue. It is a COMMUNIST TAKEOVER issue. I’m not opposed to blm’s free speech even though they hide their true intent, I AM, however, opposed to them shutting down the free speech of their opposition and those that support shutting down the free speech of their opposition, the nba included.

  10. When it comes to saying all lives matter is not inclusive, and painting blm on the court and calling that inclusive, you just have another example of an official narrative that is from bizzaro world.

    This is why it has to be ‘enforced’ by social media companies. Because it’s so backasswards from the truth that nobody would buy it unless it’s shoved down your throat by a tyrant with the threat of punishment if you don’t buy it.

    The left wants to control you and take what you’ve got. And that desire in insatiable. It is NOT going to get better and go away. It is going to get worse.
    So it would behoove everyone to think about how they are going to react to what is inevitably coming.

    Either we are going to become slaves of the left, or there is going to be a virtual dictator on the right to stop it. Freedom is over.

  11. BLM’s mission goes beyond dismantling the patriarchy and the nuclear family. These, by the way, are NOT white, Western things. They have been part of human society in all parts of the world since time immemorial.

    BLM is essentially a stalking horse for hard-line Marxist destruction of the US. That is their mission – not included in their statement.

    “…What we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out…”

  12. I’m done with baseball too. This stupid 60 game “season” with idiotic new extra inning rules and no fans lost me for this “season”, and now my Indians are considering a name change.

  13. @Great start 9:27 –
    I’m singing ‘Born to be Wild’ at the top of my lungs –
    Head out on the highwayyy!

  14. They chose sides. They chose the violent, terrorist, marxist, anti-family BLM over real Americans.

    All I can do is boycott them and every sponsor they have with a deep disgusted hatred. Anyone care to name some of them?

  15. Are they going to write “A subsidiary of ActBlue” under BLM? Or “All proceeds directed to democrats”? I say that should be a legal requirement.

  16. When these teams all go broke former fans can make TV commercials telling them “It’s OK to have no job and no money.”
    “You are all in this together.”
    “Sorry that you’re not famous anymore.”
    “Stay Safe”!


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