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March of Dimes Admits Giving to Planned Parenthood

The March of Dimes??

march of dimes

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Ever feel like nothing is real anymore, like you were living in a dream and just woke up to find everything is not what you always believed was true. I believed apart from all the other charitable organizations, The March of Dimes was above them all, claiming to respect life, conquer childhood disease and birth defects and seek to end premature birth and infant mortality.

The March of Dimes’ motto is: A Fighting Chance for Every Baby. And Their Mission – from their website:  We help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.   


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  1. I participated in a March of Dimes “Walk America” event once, when I was too young to know better. I first became aware of the March’s pro-abortion tendancies in 1992 when having a private discussion about abortion with my parish priest. This is really nothing new. What’s new is that more people are finding out about it every year, but react with indifference anyway.

  2. This is disturbing. The entire thing is disturbing and I don’t know where all the outrage is.

    We are lost as a society when people look the other way from the murder of the most innocent of all.

  3. Hey! They promised fewer babies born with birth defects. How thet delivered on that promise is none of your business.


  4. I was a victim of polio in the early 1950s and my parents, Mr & Mrs Mxyzptlk Sr. told me when I was older that money from the March of Dimes charity helped pay the hospital bills, which they could ill afford at the time. One of my doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital? Dr Albert Sabin. I guess I was in good hands. All I remember of the experience (I was around 5 years old) was the spinal tap when I was admitted, having to lie flat on my back on a hard bed with my feet at 90 degrees against a piece of wood, glass partitions separating the beds of the kids, and the little girl in the bed next to me was talking to me one night and was dead the next morning. I also had a jointed plastic elephant to play with, but they wouldn’t let me take it home because they couldn’t guarantee they could disinfect it against the polio virus.

    Unfortunately, The March of Dimes became another one of those organizations that outgrew its originally intended purpose when someone found out they could personally grow rich from it.

  5. You are right on! Gotta give the Ghouls credit they sure went the extra mile, to not only get rich, (I was going to write ‘make a killing’) but also to live up to their solicitation spiel about birth defects.!

  6. The March of Dimes and the Susan Komen foundation. What the hell does an organization specifically founded to “save the ta-tas” have to do with killing babies?!? Where does this crap end? It seems like every major corporation is involved. As I find out about them, none will ever see a cent from me in the future.

  7. Not sure who you can trust anymore?

    Give your donations to this website

    “Improving your mind one post at a time”

  8. the democrat’s & progressive’s spiel, “It’s for the Children” rings more hollow as each day passes.
    Shame and bankruptcy to those who fund the murder of the unborn —(oops, the US government is already bankrupt—-morally and financially)

  9. If you feel the pressing desire to donate, give to the “March of Tim” c/o

    I accept cash, checks, money orders, gold, silver, and ammo.

    My sincere promise: “Not a Single Cent Will Go To Planned Parenthood – or any other murderous organization.”

  10. It’s gotten so that it’s better you go and personally deliver money, food, whatever to the person that’s in trouble. You just never know these days where charities’ funds go. They certainly aren’t going to needy people anymore.

  11. Next you’ll be telling me the March of Dhimmis is about subjugating non muslims. Where does it end?!

  12. Check out what these charities have done with donated money. My mother use to donate to the March of Dimes because my brother had trouble with his legs as a child. We don’t donate to any charity, unless it’s a thrift store where we donate goods. But even then we hear that if it’s good stuff it goes into the back seat of workers cars and never makes it out on to the floor for the public. So, we stopped donating to that.

  13. Our family found out about the Fraud of Dimes around 72-73. Littlest sister was born with a problem and was sent home with a 10% cance of survival. Mom called them (as a contributor and a normal person grifters depend upon) for assistance. They shut her down saying they don’t help individuals, you see. Right around the time Roe v Wade, so I wonder at how many things changed just then.

    Littlest sister made it without ’em, and the MoD never got another penny.

  14. ^ I did use the / tag. Don’t know what happened. And cance = chance, while I’m at it. O edit button, you are sorely missed.

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