Marco Rubio All In To Bring More Syrian “Refugees” To America


ConservativeHQ: In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack establishment Republican presidential contender Sen. Marco Rubio is standing by his support for bringing Syrian refugees into the United States of America, despite the evidence that the Paris murder-rampage involved at least one Muslim terrorist who had infiltrated Europe among the thousands of “refugees” now leaving the Middle East.   more here

GOP Leaders: Stop Bringing Jihad To America Or Be Complicit In The Bloodshed.

As we here at CHQ documented, Muslim Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were welcomed into the United States as “refugees” and given welfare and other government benefits during their youthful inculcation in radical Islamist thought and terrorist tactics.

And Senators Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz have documented some 72 other domestic terror “incidents” attributable to Muslim refugees or refugee-related individuals – in just the past year alone. Read More

Warning: Bloody photo included.

11 Comments on Marco Rubio All In To Bring More Syrian “Refugees” To America

  1. Isn’t one of the fascist democrat talking points when they curb liberty or steal money from your pocket “If it save just one life.”?

  2. Reagan: “Trust in the people”.
    By the time election comes, yeah, USA WILL have a different set of circumstances, with more people disenfranchised about all of what’s going on.
    “The people” will know clearly who to vote for by that time, and most of the candidates stances are not going to hold up to real conservative values. And, we’ll be that much more polarized, each side standing for their beliefs more obviously.
    If guessing a spiritual battle is going on, you’re damn right it is.

  3. Slightly OT… Did the White House show its support for France with Blue, White, Red lights? It’s odd, I can’t find a photo of it. Anyone in DC can confirm that it was lit up?

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