Marco Rubio Endorsement Brings Trey Gowdy’s Radical History on Immigration Into Spotlight

Pour yourself a drink and get comfortable…


Breitbart: Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)’s endorsement of
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) may shine an unwanted spotlight on the South Carolinian’s record of past radical statements on immigration and his aggressive support for donor class policies embraced by Sen. Rubio.

Gowdy’s extreme immigration declarations come in addition to his long-standing support for donor-class Republican lawmakers. For instance, in a closed-door GOP leadership election in November of 2014, Gowdy seconded Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)’s nomination as House Speaker. Similarly, Gowdy was the Congressman who nominated Paul Ryan for Speaker. According to Politico, Boehner “secretly urged Gowdy to run” for House Majority Leader.

At the height of the Rubio-Ryan amnesty push in 2013 — in the aftermath of President Obama’s profoundly controversial 2012 executive amnesty for DREAMers and at a time when illegal minors were continuing to pour across the border — Gowdy delivered a blanket pardon to the world’s alien youth to enter the country illegally. Gowdy declared: “When children wander into neighborhood yards, we don’t call that trespassing.” Gowdy elaborated on his position, stating:

What I prefer to do is look at the 11 million in natural subgroups. You have what are called the DREAM children. I would think most people would advocate for an accelerated path to citizenship for children who, through no fault of their own, were brought here at an early age. I would have a shortened path to citizenship for those who serve in our armed services. And then you can have a sliding scale [to determine which illegals get citizenship] based on your years in the country and contributions you made to society.

Gowdy’s prior statements on immigration won him effusive praise from Congressional open borders advocate,Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). “What I think Trey has is a fundamental sense of fairness,” Gutierrez said, “Bigotry and hate are an affront to his core values. Once you can set that aside, vis-a-vis immigration, you can devise a world of justice and fairness. It’s clear he has a set of values.”


10 Comments on Marco Rubio Endorsement Brings Trey Gowdy’s Radical History on Immigration Into Spotlight

  1. And to think he was once heralded as a conservative. Seems “Mr. Law & Order” believes that the longer an illegal breaks the law, the easier it should be for him to obtain citizenship. Do I have that about right?

  2. “Pour yourself a drink and get comfortable”? How in the world can you get comfortable when our so called leaders are flushing the whole damn country down the toilet? The more I know about gowdy the more I see him as part of the problem.

  3. Pretty funny considering he took money from a Bush super-pac and now is whoring for a seat in a possible Rubio bodega. No honor among thieves, or politicians.

  4. Thanks to Trump shining a light on the nefarious actions and associations of these traitorous bastards, we might actually right the listing ship of state.

  5. If the Establishment Dead Elephants gives a particular Congress-critter lots of face time and good press you can bet they are part of the problem and not part of any desirable solution.

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