Mardi Gras Float Depicts Hillary Strangling Epstein


ht/ The Bullpen

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  1. Wow, now that’s gonna leave a mark, lol. The dems are still operating like they were 20 years ago. They don’t realize how much of the country can see through their garbage now. They can’t stop being crazy and they don’t realize they can’t control the narrative anymore. They also have no sense of humor and they can’t meme and we’re slaying them with rule #5 “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” I’m so glad the funny people are on our side.

  2. WAY COOL. Hey Y’All we got the 3rd largest
    MG in America.Come see us next Yeeah…
    Galveston Island.A unique experience.
    Scalia,Rich,Epstein. What really happened…???

  3. BTW= I have traveled to the remote
    area where the exclusive ranch is located.
    The place where Scalia met his very untimely
    demise.It was like being inside and actually
    living the movie “No Country for Old Men”…
    You get the rude feeling that you do not belong
    there and it is best to get on the highway and
    get the hell out.

  4. If Bill Richardson was in the crowd, I bet he wasn’t lauging! But then again, he would have been in drag so no one would notice him.

  5. When I was coming out of the Taco Johns in Missoula, Mt. a couple of weeks ago there was a Ford F-150 P/U in front of me who had in great big capital letters in black Epstein didn’t kill himself all over the back of his tailgate. I thought it was great, in great big letters for everyone to see.


    I interned in Galveston, and attended the ’97 Parade. Do the Houston gangbanaz still come down in their bouncy cars, and try to rumble with the Galveston gangbangaz at the end of the parade there on the Seawall? 😳


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