Maria Bartiromo predicts ‘big rebound’ for US economy in fourth quarter of this year


Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo told “Hannity” Wednesday Americans need more clarity about how long the coronavirus pandemic will last before we can know when the economy will bounce back before saying she expected a big rebound in the fourth quarter of this year.

“We have to see really more about the duration of this virus and then get the impact before we could actually have clarity on when the economy is going to come back,” Bartiromo told host Sean Hannity. read more

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  1. I really like Maria Bartiromo spunk. She knows her shit and has no problem going after Libtards. As far as her 4th quarter prediction, that’s a pretty safe bet.
    I am still of the opinion that this virus should be considered an act of war by China.

  2. “I am still of the opinion that this virus should be considered an act of war by China.”

    And I consider the hysterical response to it an act of war by the Leftist driven MSM on the American people.

  3. President Trump really needs to call the Deep State’s COVID-19 pandemic bluff and declare the Shelter/Stay in Place incarnations over by June 2020 – BTW, without letting leftist operatives in his administration knowing the exact date in June.
    If this fiasco goes on until fall, you can bet Demwits in Congress will have even more grip on stalling the econony.

  4. As we say around here, “It’s kinda hard to hide Mt. Rainier.” Meaning: no matter how cloud-covered it is, the mountain is still there. And when the Covid disaster of ’20 moves on, the U.S. economic mountain will still be there, too. Nothing’s changed except our perception — if the Left (and Pelosi) has their way. And they won’t. It’ll be too hard to hide the economic reality of the strength of our economy. The Left’s nuclear option will have turned out to be a little flash bang.

  5. Starting to get observations that a “herd immunity” is beginning to develop state-by-state.

    Not yet conclusive. But, as more days and stats come in, it may show that different peaks are relative to localized areas, instead of nation-wide. NYC and adjoining areas of NJ are just very dense areas of people.

    I mean, a virus that predominantly kills the weakest of society is unable to kill the more healthy? Just how dangerous is it anyway?

    Looks like this is beginning to be an over-kill approach which is sacrificing the economy over being too cautious. Don’t need another Great Depression, either, Faulci.

    Only time will tell.

    Follow it for yourselves:

  6. It would be a shame if the U.S. was so mired in muck over the virus that the elections had to be postponed.

    ….Don’t know which would happen the fastest; the exploding of liberal heads or the dismissal of the virus.

  7. @AA – I totally agree. And furthermore, will spur more growth in the long-run as new supply channels are made and the US starts producing more of it’s own goods/drugs, etc. again.

    Also – thank you for the kind words on your post evening before last. I logged out about 5 minutes too early and missed it. I am doing fine so far. The outlook is good. I pray for your healing and happiness.

  8. Bad_Brad, your prediction sounds about right. I’m going out on a limb and say a very effective vaccine will be available in May or June.

    That’s when libtards are going to go ape shiite trying to do all they can (impeachment, leftist governors/mayors extending, “Shelter/Stay in Place”, etc.) to stop President Trump’s awesome economic recover plan on the horizon.
    Bumpy ride ahead, but I believe President Trump will win the battle for freedom on behalf of the American people.

  9. NYC and adjacent new Jersey account for more than 1/2 of all deaths. This must be because we didn’t spend enough on mass transit and the underfunded mass transit infects people. This is why we need more better expensive mass transit to fight the deadly virus AND global warming at the same time.

  10. If left unchecked by action of the populace this bug could become known as the Social Security and Medicare Solvency Virus.

    Yeah, I know.

  11. If it wasn’t a bioweapon to begin with, it is now. All western nations that still have balls need to acknowledge it and respond to it as such.

  12. “If it wasn’t a bioweapon to begin with, it is now.”

    The ChiComs have no problem wrecking the entire game and going home with their marbles if they’re not winning. I’ve seen them in action back in the 90’s when they were taking over our Semi Conductor Industry. They’d lie, cheat, steal. Some damn underhanded shit went down with no penalties to pay and certainly no enforcement of law. It was a bad joke. Destroyed a lot of personal fortunes and cost this country a ton of money.
    Now we have a guy that’s kicking their asses at every turn. You can’t tell me this wasn’t intentional.
    A couple days ago on Fox and Friends they spent a LOT of time proclaiming this virus was a mutation of some sort and not developed in a lab.
    The very next day Tucker was going OFF on how there was plenty of proof this virus was engineered. They even have some Chinese bio guys saying it was developed in a lab. Of course all those guys are dead now, but the proof is there. This is the ChiComs tipping over the board game because they are losing.

  13. It depends what business you are in.

    I really can not see bricks and mortar retail, jewelry, high end cars & the superficial stuff coming back that fast.

    I would bet that people may re-evaluate what is important vs horse shit and maybe focus on essentials.

    Amazon has not dropped much as a stock because it has suddenly become essential. Same as food producers but seasonal fashion will be Killed.

  14. If Maria needs a rebound relationship after some hypothetical heartbreak
    She can call me up, I volunteer


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