Marianne Williamson Calls For Firings At Biden Campaign Over Its ‘Sophomoric’ Tweets

Daily Wire: Seemingly concerned that the Democratic presidential ticket isn’t resonating with enough voters, Marianne Williamson, the spiritual advisor and former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, has called for firings at the Biden campaign over its “sophomoric” tweets.

“Fire your copywriter and fire your strategist. Your tweets are sophomoric,” Williamson told the 2020 Democratic ticket in a tweet on Sunday afternoon. “Trust us enough to say what you really think. More people agree with you than you have any idea. Engage our passion by speaking from your own.”

While it’s unclear if Williamson’s tweet was in response to something specific, she didn’t hesitate to offer other advice to the Democratic ticket throughout the day.

“I appreciate you used my book title, but you need to actually read the book,” Williamson tweeted at Biden. “Your campaign is everything people said that I was but I actually wasn’t: platitudes but no substance and no policy. Enough with talk about hope and love: show us the policies that provide it!” more

13 Comments on Marianne Williamson Calls For Firings At Biden Campaign Over Its ‘Sophomoric’ Tweets

  1. Biden could do worse than Luna Lovegood for an advisor when he has Bellatrix Lestrange as his running mate.

  2. This imbecile must be the twin sister of the flake accusing Tucker of rape. Both seem very similar in physical appearance and stunted cognitive ability.
    Both demonstrate the primitive thinking and limited reasoning that are hallmarks of the democrat party.

  3. I don’t care if you think she is sweet, innocent, and just quirky. She supports a Biden/Harris ticket which loves murdering babies by abortion, celebrates every sexual perversion out there, will try to seize our firearms, and will end sanctions and give Iran additional billions of OUR dollars to fund terrorism and their nuclear weapons program.

    She is just as EVIL as the rest of tye Democrats, except she has a hippie vibe.

  4. From an airhead unicorn worshipper to a hardheaded political consultant/analyst in 4 months?

    Nah! Not buying.

  5. “More people agree with you than you have any idea.”
    Look Marianne, the voices you hear inside your head are not other people agreeing with you.

  6. Hippiedom crashed and died in late summer 1969. Charlie Manson and his loyal troopers killed it.

    This lady Marianne has lost her marbles.

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