Marianne Williamson Endorses Bernie Sanders, Says He’s Leading The ‘Revolution’

Ocasio-Cortez AND Moonbeam Marianne Williamson??? Hilarious!

Daily Caller: Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson announced her endorsement of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2020 election Sunday.

Williamson, a self-help author, said Sanders is leading the political revolution that has come as a result of blowback toward “capitalism without conscience” and “corporate elites” in a statement. She made an unexpected stop at Sanders’s rally in Austin, Texas, to speak about her support. read more

SNIP: Why is she trashingt corporate elites? Her buddy Oprah Winfrey is a corporate elite.

20 Comments on Marianne Williamson Endorses Bernie Sanders, Says He’s Leading The ‘Revolution’

  1. I always figured that Biden and Warren would be battling it out for the nomination. This is soooo much better. Bernie with a huge lead, mini-Mike throwing a billion $ to get into the fray, DNC panicking and the likelihood of a brokered convention or Bernie winning outright. I can’t imagine what popcorn futures look like right now.

  2. I noticed in that article ’20 things about bernie’ they didn’t mention his comments about womens rape fantasies. Maybe marianne is sexually fantasizing about bernie?

  3. She’s the perfect candidate for Secretary of Feng Shui at the WH. The entire building will be re-done in Peter Maxx day-glo colors and resemble a concert poster from the 60’s except for the Oval Office which will now look like the Kremlin. She’ll order a truckload of Gwynneth Paltrow scented candles for ambience.

  4. I guess since Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Hugo Chavez are long dead, this is the best endorsement that Bernie Sanders could hope for this month. Once Daniel Ortega and Nicolas Maduro come out with their endorsements, can it be very much longer before Senator Sanders becomes unbeatable?

  5. I’d like to see a brokered convention with an establishment backed candidate getting the nomination the way it was done last time.

    Just to see how the Democrats, and Bernie supporters in particular, react to it. No other reason, just their reaction to it.

    I imagine it would make the upcoming election quite entertaining, and I could use more entertainment.

  6. “Why is she trashing corporate elites? Her buddy Oprah Winfrey is a corporate elite.”
    But she’s a billionaire female minority who also may be a lesbian – that’s a triple pass.

  7. Tell her that fracking is lowering the cost of essential oils and that mining is helping reduce our dependence on Africa for healing crystals and stones for mood rings.

  8. Mary reminds me of the Old Hippie song:

    She’s an old hippie and she don’t know what to do
    Should she hang on to the old
    Should she grab on to the new
    She’s an old hippie…her new life is just a bust
    She ain’t trying to change nobody
    She’s just trying real hard to adjust

  9. That crazy nutbag lady is thinking a revolution is purple unicorns jumping over rainbows while everyone gets high and an…an…love is all around us…an…an the feeling grows…an…an…no more bad things happen…nobody to tell us what to do….no religion, too…an…an…everything is free to everyone…we’ll all live in yellow submarines an sing an chant an dream all day long…

  10. How would you feel if you warned people about tyranny only to be killed by tyranny?

    Those who are trying to wake people about the dangers of the police state can find that they might be blindsided by the unexpected. If you think the collapse will happen because of an economic crash, you may be surprised that the collapse happens because of a natural disaster, virus, civil war, or terrorism.

    You must never let your guard down. Be mobile and buy guns, gold, and food today.

    The decay is happening right now.


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