Maricopa County Judge decides in Arizona Senate’s Favor

Dr. Lyle Rapacki of Arizona Today discusses the decision by the Maricopa County Superior Court Judge to agree with the Arizona Senate’s request for the voting machines and ballots.

10 Comments on Maricopa County Judge decides in Arizona Senate’s Favor

  1. I was out in Maricopa county for a week scoping it out. My general impression is there’s no fucking way that county voted for Biden. People out there are not happy.

  2. Amazing that someone honest is a judge, you hear of that as often as you hear of someone with one blue eye and one brown eye.

  3. Well let’s get on with the investigation already. Any further obstruction should precipitate a noose.

  4. According to Doctor Google 114,000+ Covid deaths since fraudster biden became president.
    Trump had 400,000 covid deaths on his watch in 1 year.
    Biden 114,000 covid deaths in just over 5 weeks!
    That’s a 28.5 % INCREASE under biden in 5 weeks.
    How’s that biden covid plan working out for America?

    Democrats lie & cheat.
    Republicans are weak

  5. So did the judge slap a fine or jail time on the Maricopa county commissioners for obstruction of justice or contempt? That would have been perfect. The problem I see is that so much time has elapsed since the election, the evidence has been corrupted.

  6. I just sorted the comments at that video to newest at top and it doesn’t look good–rumors about only auditing 10 percent, not using Jovan Pulitzer, IDK what is true or false in these comments at the YouTube link–WHAT IS GOING ON?

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