Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio found guilty of criminal contempt of court

AZ Central

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton found Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt of court, finding that he willfully violated a federal judge’s order.

The conviction is a misdemeanor, and the sentencing phase will begin Oct. 5.

20 Comments on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio found guilty of criminal contempt of court

  1. This is totally gross, disgusting, and unfair. He was following federal law. This judge must be on the Left. I’m totally revolted.

  2. My contempt for American courts and the idiot judges that infest them is probably higher than Joes!

  3. Trump should invite Sheriff Joe to the WH for a Medal, a celebration dinner, and a Federal position of Sheriff Joe’s choice.

    And the Judge needs a thorough IRS audit and a “routine Federal security review” of all her PCs and devices. They all do.
    Guaranteed they will discover enough dirt/corruption for her to immediately “retire for personal reasons “.
    Very few judges are truly clean. A great way to drain the Lefty Judicial Swamp.

  4. seems that sheriff joe was enforcing federal law and this judge Susie is contradicting it with her court order. hummmmm, love to see this one go to appeals court. Dear Mr. president, there is some swamp to be drained out in AZ.

  5. At sentencing Joe should claim illegal status, whereby he’d get a wink, slap on the fanny & released back into sanctuary paradise.

  6. Re: Federal judges, impeachment by Congress is not the only means of removing them from the bench.

    Judges have no immunity from arrest. Charge one with a serious Federal crime –corruption, bribery, cartel involvement, child porn–and deny bail. Flight risk, National Security, etc.

    Hard to issue rulings from a Federal cell.

    The DoJ has many other less drastic tools to effectively neutralize an overreaching judge.
    But I really, really like the jail option.

  7. Amazing… Democrats just get a completely different set of standards applied to them. It couldn’t be more obvious.

  8. The people in AZ have been re-electing Joe time after time — mostly as a way to say “Fuck You” to the liberal elites.

    But then a judge, who everybody knows is a super liberal, says he’s in contempt of court and then the AZ Republic, who everyone knows is a liberal echo chamber, trumps this up and they fall for it

    So basically AZ voters decided that liberals have been lying their asses off about Joe Arpaio for 30 years … but NOT THIS TIME! This time they’re telling the truth, by God!!!!


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