Marie Yovanovitch Admits Having No Knowledge of Trump Criminal Activity

Breitbart: Former United States Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch admitted on Friday that she has no knowledge of President Donald Trump accepting bribes nor of the president being involved in any criminal activity.

“Do you have any information regarding the President of the United States accepting any bribes?” asked Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) of former Ambassador Yovanovitch.

“No,” replied Yovanovitch.

“Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all?” asked Rep. Stewart.

“No,” answered Yovanovitch.

The former ambassador to Ukraine admitted this on Friday during the second day of the public impeachment hearings.

“Thank you for answering that directly,” said Stewart. “The American people know this is nonsense. The American people know this is unfair. And I have a prediction regarding this.” He went on:

I think that public support for impeachment is actually going to be less when these hearings are over than it is when hearings began, because finally, the American people are going to be able to see the evidence, and they’re going to be able to make their own determination regarding that.

“Now, I want to ask you one thing,” continued Stewart. “You’ve been asked if the president — any president — has the ability to ask his ambassadors to serve at will. I’m curious, do you think that’s the right policy?

“Yeah, I probably think it is,” responded Yovanovitch.

“I do as well,” said Stewart. “It may be imperfect, there may be times when it’s not used perfectly, but I agree with you, it is the right policy. I don’t think that we should change that.”

“Now, I would like to read from some previous statements, including one of your own — as well as others — regarding the appropriateness of investigating corruption in the U.K.,” he added. read more

9 Comments on Marie Yovanovitch Admits Having No Knowledge of Trump Criminal Activity

  1. Why do the Democrats make accusations against Trump then use that can’t testify in support of them, and how many of the American public are buying into it on their side?

  2. Two questions, two answers, and hearing over. Even with all the blathering by Schiff, Yovanovitch should have been in and out of there in 30 minutes having added exactly nothing to the Democrats’ impeachment claims.

    I thought the Schiff and his cohorts had already secretly vetted these folks behind closed doors. But then they put them out in public hearings to admit that they really don’t know anything about any impeachable offense. “It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.” Sure, maybe pundits like Chris Wallace are “moved” by the testimony, but it’s really just another butt-hurt bureaucrat whining about being ejected from the swamp.

  3. The government should pull the American citizenship from that Ukrainian born dirt-bag who puts Ukrainian issues above ours and send her back where she belongs!

  4. Some things are going to be made exceedingly clear in next year’s election:
    1) The percentage of people blindly voting democRAT permanently stuck on Stupid and Free Shit! This percentage seems to be growing, but next year will be a glaringly stark choice between Trump and Socialism like no other time we’ve ever seen so it should paint a pretty good picture of the situation.

    2) Off the chain voter fraud! The democRATs know they got no legitimate shot against Trump so all the stops will be pulled to utilize voter fraud to their advantage. To that point we need to get a handle on detecting, measuring and enforcement of the law.

  5. Marie’s testimony once again proves Adam Schiff is an idiot, corrupt partisan hack, who is incompetent, and showing symptoms from late stage TDS. However, A.S. may also be one of the most effective fund raisers for Trump , and recruiter of Trump support.


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