Marine Corps becomes first military branch to grant religious exemption to vaccine requirement

Just the News:

The Marine Corps granted two religious exemptions to the military’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate policy, thereby becoming the first and, thus far, only military branch to grant religious exemptions since the requirement took effect over the summer.

During its weekly COVID update, the Marine Corps said it had received 3,350 requests for religious exemptions and had processed 3,212 of them, adding that two of the requests had been granted. No additional information was offered about the details of the requests or why they were granted. more here

12 Comments on Marine Corps becomes first military branch to grant religious exemption to vaccine requirement

  1. “Before we start patting people on the back for this, what is the number of applications?”

    Exactly. Scary thought…what if there are very few R.E. requests.

  2. Can this get any more stupid? Probably. Typical government do-nothings, creating a problem where none exists, then demanding bigger budgets and staff to handle said created non-problem, then act all merciful when the problem they created out of thin air over nothing becomes a real problem for them so they acquiesce in some tiny manner to save their sorry rear-ends.

    I’m with AA, stop paying our federal taxes, starve the swamp beast.

  3. 2 exemptions out of 3,212?
    Makes you wonder what their criteria are.
    0.062% approved.

    Why would an American need an exemption from an illegal mandate?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. It’s a shame that my Corps has fallen to political correctness, social transformation and ridiculous mandates.
    When you appoint political perfumed princes as military leaders, you rid yourself of combat veterans and Warriors.

    Through failed leadership from the Commander and Chief and Joint Chiefs, the will to win has long since been eliminated from our Armed Services.

    God help those who serve and our Nation.

  5. I thought Gen Berger told the Sec. of “Deafness” to go piss up a rope, Marines aren’t gonna take no fukin’ jab! That was back in August 2021.

  6. “First to fight for the right and freedom…” We always lead the charge. As a result we always have big casualties; my 3 scars are proof.

    “… look on Heaven’s scene…. guarded by US Marines!”

    Some of us are assholes; naming just 2 of thousands: F. Lee Baily; GWB’s boy Bob mueller!
    But most of us are/were good.

    PLEASE PARDON MY; FRENCH. My vocabulary lacks words to describe Bush’s boy Bob!


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