Marine makes incredible catch

ht/ woody

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  1. the guy in the blue was ready to catch the kid …. nice interception

    … is this a red/blue thing?

  2. I’m not sure the blue guy was in position to do anything other than say “I did all I could”. The red guy must know him and took matters in his own hands. Good for both of them, let them both take credit.

  3. @Badabing JULY 8, 2020 AT 12:02 AM
    “This is what BLM should be doing.”

    They started the fire.

  4. guess it’s a good thing he didn’t spike it ….

    (I know … I’m going to Hell … )

  5. According to some of the posters yesterday regarding the armed forces, he’s nothing special. Must be gay or something since the marines are part of the navy.

    Good job marine.

  6. joe6pak
    the guy in Blue gets a participation Trophy,
    The Marine in Red receives the honor and accolades he richly earned and deserves.

  7. When I was in high school there was an accident where a roofer slipped and slid down the domed roof our our auditorium. One of the student football players was walking by and saw him sliding. He ran over and caught the roofer as he fell off the edge (about 8 ft above the ground). Nobody was injured. The student was honored for the act at the next student rally.

  8. “guess it’s a good thing he didn’t spike it ….

    (I know … I’m going to Hell … )”

    Yeah, well, I laughed, so…


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