Marines are so masculine it’s “toxic”

Marines are so masculine it’s “toxic,” a Marine college professor declared in an interview with

“Women are more unwelcome in the Marines than in any other branch of military service,” Vox writes:

“The Obama administration opened the door for women to serve in combat roles. The unhappiest service about that order? The Marine Corps.”

Prof. James Joyner of Marine Command and Staff College blames the problems arising from the introduction of females into the Marines on the Corps’ ‘toxic masculinity culture.”  MORE

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  1. He says Marines suffer from toxic masculinity like there is something wrong with that. What the hell is his point?

  2. If the women were held to the exact same standards as the men, the “unhappiness” would dissipate.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. My nephew who was a Navy Lt. JG told his younger brothers who were both Marines that the Marines were the Men’s dept. of the Navy. And yes, I’d rather see Marines filled with so called toxic masculinity than be a bunch of pansy, candy ass weenies that obummer wanted to turn them into. Didn’t “toxic masculinity” used to be called a being a real man? As a former Navy airman I have ultimate respect for what the Marines do. Semper fi, guys you earned it and deserve it. The weenies like barry deserve nothing but scorn and contempt.

  4. For chrissake do not let the commiefaggots destroy the Corps with this Marxist shit. Who let this PhD cunt in door? Find that shithead and court martial him for treason.

  5. There have women in the Marines for years. This low grade moron is ignorant. If she wants to be in combat let HER volunteer, instead of volunteering others!

  6. according to Emerald Archer, an expert on women’s advancement ….. wow, an expert on women’s advancement, she knows more about the Marine Corps than the Commandant and all the General Officers. BULLSHIT !

    “the most important fight may be the one closest to home: the battle for the soul of the Marine Corps.”

    Again, Bullshit !
    The soul of the Marine Corps will never change, From Tun Tavern to now, It’s just fuckin’ fine and it’ll stay that way.
    Real fuckin’ TOXIC to whoever stands in front of a Marine and their Rifle, whether that Marine is a Man or Woman.

  7. Neither of these professors are in the military so I don’t take any credence in their opinion. I was in the Army as a female and I think the Marines are just fine in their toxicity!

  8. The Marines Are for MEN. Female involvement is Like your wife having to go out on guys night with you, and your demeanor changes. Women see the guys and say I wanna go…Pretty please!!! They know it’s for Men, but they can’t resist Fucking it Up.

  9. The Marines’ job is to kill people and break things. “Toxic” is a feature, not a bug.

  10. Drain. The. Swamp. Of REMF useless people like this perfessor. Obviously an obama imbed placed to destroy the Corps on behalf of the caliphate.

    Fire this man tonight.

  11. Oops. It isn’t a man? My original point not only still stands but has been amplified. Fuck you leftist shit stains. We’re not standing for your bs any longer.

    You’re fired.

  12. Obviously, the dramacrats want to stifle the most masculine of America.
    Phuck them—-If they want to stifle someone….stifle the phucking liberals. Bear in mind that liberals have NOTHING to do with masculinity.
    If something has to be absolutely destroyed overnight…Call the Marines.

  13. Reread. James Joyner is a man, right? Wanker and all, right? Baloney and two figs? Or did it used to have a vayjayjay?
    Life is really confusing these days. The news reports on Brad manning as a she, for instance. Then a he. Then a she. For the love of Pete.

    What’s a zhe to do?

  14. I’m so desperate for a real man … wait, that doesn’t sound right. I mean that I’m surrounded by beta males at work that I think I’d faint if confronted by a real man.

    I have a good friend who does my trees and bushes; our “lawn guy”. He was here last week working on felling a tree and removing a big bush the putting sod on the empty space. I got home while he was almost finished with the sod. After we hugged and talked a bit, I went inside to get some work done. I looked out to see how he was doing and thought, “My, what a man.” He was here all day working hard and still had a sweet smile with his sweaty hug.

    Oh, crap. It’s NOT what you think! He’s in his 30s, married with two cute kids and I’m good friends with his parents. And we go to the same church.

    I just wanted to say, I LOVE MANLY MEN! So there.

  15. @Claudia — If my husband wants to tease me all he has to do is put his tool belt on. I can’t resist a good looking guy wearing a tool belt. Oh, and uniforms. I’m a sucker for military uniforms. I think it’s the haircut and the perfect posture.

    I get it.

  16. I know several Woman Marines both enlisted and officer, mostly retired and I have yet to hear one say that women in combat is a good idea. They realize the mission of the Corps and respect it. Where ever these limp dick obamabots get their information probably comes from the queer mafia!

    When you’re in combat in one of those SHTF situations the last thing you need to worry about is the Marine next to you doing his job, and he would feel the same way about you doing yours and that means having each others back.

  17. The only thing toxic is the filth left in the professor’s cranium, after his brain was eaten by fungus.

  18. Women who want to suffer the same indignities of war at the hands of the enemy, including rape, should go for it. I’m sick and tired of hearing whining about how woman have the right to show how brave they are compared to men in hand to hand combat – they need to prove it! We’re here now, thanks to progressives, no going back.

  19. Sensitivity doesn’t win battles, arguments or convey toxic intentions.

    Quote from Marine Corps General Mattis (now Sec. of Defense)
    speaking with Afghani tribal leaders:

    “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

    Toxicity is the soul of the Marine Corps spoken by a leader of Marines.

  20. Here’s my day tomorrow…..I’m gonna straddle my Ford tractor with a brush hog on it….and mow the field…..closely.. I’ll wear a hat, but I’ll take it off slowly if’n ya want. I’ll be perspiartin’…just moist…..Occasionally I will move some timber out of my way because it has fallen….in my way…
    The Goats don’t seem to mind anything I do as they see me as a God….alfalfa provider is God…I’m good with that…
    At some point I will get hungry, but I don’t need to know the time because this ignorant group of (FRIENDS). sets the mother fucking emergency siren off at 7-am-12-pm and 6-pm, but I’m not angry, just shirtless and sweaty….
    So, I’ll be half naked and sweaty by 9 am….Who wants a tick check?…

  21. You know, for about the past 20 years or so Hollywood has been putting out flicks where the 120 lb Angelina Jolie heroine -type kicks the living dogshit out of a bunch of 250 lb bad guys, and never even skins a knuckle in the process. How much of that shit did these “women’s advancement” types watch, and believe? That’s a helluva along way away from the real world Marines live in. Semper Fi !

  22. Ever notice it’s never the female Marines demanding equal opportunity on the front lines? It’s always manly women or womanly men, who’ve never been to war, who are clamoring for unwise and dangerous changes. Time to take all those worthless fags and dykes away from their university safe spaces and put their whiny worthless asses on the front line.

  23. In Army basic training we learned the Spirit of the Bayonet.

    DI: “What is Spirit of the Bayonet?!”

    Us (screaming): “KILL, KILL, KILL!!!”

    I would expect at least that level of “toxicity” from the Marine Corps.

  24. Oh gosh, does not having a tool belt lower my masculinity?

    I’ve worked for the Navy department for thirty three years, twenty
    three of them active duty.

    Yes, they are trying to pussify every subset of that department. SEC Gaybus had that as a primary goal before that shitbag left. I think in the future we will swing more to a center/left of center again where we were in the late eighties/early nineties before klinton.

  25. During Obama’s reign, the military was forced to accept women into officer infantry courses. Unlike the Army, the Marines did not water down the course for women. None of the women (many career Marines and at top physical condition) made it through the course. Many injured out (i.e. on the battle field would have required evacuation, depriving the unit of leadership).

  26. Me. I’d call them Warriors. And the warrior spirit Is want in our country’s Marines. Members of all the military branches really. Needs to be more intense for anyone who can fire a weapon who faces an enemy on foot.

  27. Footage not known to exist: Pajama Boy aces Basic training. Film at 11:00.

    Biology is easy. Testosterone is a natural attractant for women. Some women have hangups about that and develop elaborate screeds like this shitstorm to deny their basic biology rather than humbly submitting to God’s plan for them.

    There’s a reason there’s no soft or skinny guy featured in Magic Mike.

  28. Spent 8 years in the military before my latest near death experience told me I can make a lot more money getting away bullets and artillery fire, but I can say, the women treated me like a Hollywood porn star during my time. I spent a lot of time with Force Recon, and they were just like us. Semper Fi!

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