Marissa Tomei as… Edith Bunker???

Norman Lear, chasing a buck and needing to slam the president in primetime, is bringing back All in the Family and The Jeffersons for one night only.

Woody Harrelson will play Archie.

Wanda Sykes and Jamie Foxx are the Jeffersons.

Jimmy Kimmel and Will Ferrell are involved.

I can’t wait to not watch this progfest.

TribLive- Lear, 96, was an executive producer on a recently canceled Netflix reboot of another of his hit series, the 1975-84 “One Day at a Time,” which was reimagined with a Latino family.

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22 Comments on Marissa Tomei as… Edith Bunker???

  1. Goodgodalmighty, bring back Amos & Andy…starring Jussie Smollett and Ralph Northam in blackface. The role of Kingfish is made for Ted Danson.

    Holy Mackerel!

  2. I’m surprised that All in the Family is able to continue in rerun form without suffering liberal backlash.

  3. My dad really liked All In The Family, so I’m kind of glad that he went home to God and isnt here to see this. :/

    Just stop the progressive reboots already…

  4. Rob Reiner could always reprise his role as an older stupider, brain dead, adulpated, pixilated and even more obnoxious Meathead who never grew out of his dumbass baby boomer idealism.

  5. I kind of want to see Archie bash some soy boys, SJWs and gender neutrals.

    Ooooh! I know! He will want Edit to shut up while he watches Tucker Carlson!

    Maybe Meathead will turn out to be Rosie O’donnell!

    That would be awesome! Especially if they find a way to add a school shooting to the episode.

  6. Live?
    -Script Redacted-
    -Woody flips goes all fish tanky on meathead.
    -Ironing man cameo finale; edit: POV MSM LOST FOOTAGE
    8min 55secs Director Cut

  7. Thank God my faith is strong, living in a world where creepy shit-weasels like Norman Lear can make it to 96, but lions of civilization like A. Breitbart leave us at 43 years of age.

    A metaphor for life; whatever was good and wholesome in the past can always be remade for the worse by those with an agenda. Next thing you know Captain Marvel will be a woman.

  8. That’s too bad she WAS ONCE one hot broad…as Arch might have said.

    Eff her. Oh, and those involved with desecration of a classic.


  9. I thought Tomei was so cute in My Cousin Vinny. That was before she had to make her personal politics known to all. Now, I can only say…STFU….you’re no longer cute.

  10. I’ve heard of dressing up a turd … but dressing up a dessicated 40-year-old turd?
    That’s kind of dumb … even for Lear.
    “Plague o’the time, when madmen lead the blind.”
    (Shakespeare, “King Lear”)

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. They know it will lose money and be a flop. I think they know it will get media attention and be out there. It will probably be a looonngg ad for the libtards who are running for POTUS . Would not be surprised if one or more are special guests.

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