Mark Cuban’s Proposal to Improve The 2nd Amendment

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In a new interview, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban proposed an “update” to the Second Amendment that would protect the rights of gun owners and bolster the authority of states to dictate firearm policy within their borders.

“I would go to change the Second Amendment in ways that people probably wouldn’t expect,” says Cuban, who backed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election and is mulling a 2020 bid as an Independent.

The billionaire entrepreneur said the Second Amendment should first ensure that Americans can own firearms without running a risk that the government will seize their weapons.

“One, every American citizen has the right to own a gun,” Cuban says. “Two, the federal government will never be allowed to ever confiscate that gun from an individual.”

Next, he said states should have wide latitude to determine gun policy within their borders.

“States have the right to manage the ownership—the purchase, ownership, and management—of guns owned and held within their borders,” says Cuban, a host of the television show “Shark Tank.” More

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  1. That just ruined his chance to run for POTUS. Let’s see, of Texas only wants conservatives living there so be it. If Pennsylvania only wants liberals living there do be it. Who needs a constitution. Mark please consult Joe Biden please.

  2. Just a pretty obvious way to try to screw with the Second Amendment in “Blue” States, to more easily deny citizens’ gun rights there. NEVER NEVER NEVER trust a man, especially a very wealthy one, who’d support a clinton or identify openly as a (d) in these days. They’ll keep picking away at ALL of the Constitution, first aiming most of their efforts at the Amendment that poses the most immediate threat to their agenda.

  3. Nice try but the Constitution supersedes silly state laws.
    Let’s honor the Constitution and tell states like MA, CA, NY, CT, OR, WA to get the F— in line with the supreme law of the land. They do not get to use Federalism to outlaw my rights.

  4. Sorry but the 2nd Amendment cannot be improved! It formalizes a God-given right that cannot be infringed, PERIOD!

  5. I remember Cuban saying on national TeeVee that Trump “will never be President, he’s lazy.”
    Trump, lazy? I don’t think so Mark.

  6. Marc once played President writhing Vice President Ann Coulter in a Sharknado movie.
    Makes him an expert.😀

  7. How about I keep all of my guns, leave the 2ND Amendment alone and you go have sex with yourself. Who is this guy again?

  8. This guy is a one-trick pony. Sure, he’s smart, but he was lucky more than he was smart.

    In any event: Cuban, take your politics to Cuba. See what you can do there.

  9. ‘go have sex with yourself.’
    Dan Ryan Galt’ tips hat!
    That is the most polite way I’ve seen in a long time anywhere on the inter-web to inform another of what you really mean.
    Reminds me of the times (2) I called out a couple of supposed Bosses as ‘anal orifices’ in emails and kept my job,,,
    Nicely done Sir,, not insulting or F’ing with you all,,
    Compliments, sincerely,,

  10. Yeah Mark, stick with your “Shark Tank,” and your “John McCain’s,” and stay T – F away from Our Bill Of Rights.

  11. @Sgt York:

    Sorry but the 2nd Amendment cannot be improved! It formalizes a God-given right that cannot be infringed, PERIOD!

    I agree in principle, but the 2nd certainly CAN be improved. Something along the lines of

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed by any level of government. There shall be no control over or recording of the manufacture, sale, purchase, barter, or any other means of transferring weapons. There shall be no control over or recording of ownership of weapons. The use of weapons for defense of self, innocent people, or property shall not be a crime. No person shall be disarmed nor prohibited of owning weapons unless convicted by a jury of peers of a crime involving the use of a weapon to violate the rights of an innocent person, and such weapons that are confiscated under those circumstances shall be immediately restored to the owner upon completion of any sentence of imprisonment or service.

    And that’s just off the top of my head. I’d like to see any possibility of “interpretation” or weakening by means of claiming an “overriding govt interest” removed.

  12. ‘I urge you to engage in autocoitus.’
    Taken to heart and added to my online dictionary Uncle Al,,
    TY! You (and this is not meant insultingly),
    Magnificent Bastard!
    Still laughing ,,,

  13. Anyone who supported Hillary doesn’t have the common sense to lead.
    Secondly, if guns have been here since the nations founding and mass shootings are a recent phenomenon doesn’t it occur to you that the problem lays with something other than guns?

  14. Cuban can eat shit. He’s just another ruling class democrat motherfucker thinking he’s pulling one over on people. Nobody in their right mind should believe any “improvements” on the 2A.

  15. “I’d like to see any possibility of “interpretation” or weakening by means of claiming an “overriding govt interest” removed.”

    But Uncle Al, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are ‘living documents’ that must be interpreted in light of modern progress. /sarc

  16. To add to Second Amendment enhancements suggested by Uncle Al, how about the penalty for proposing gun control legislation is capital punishment?

  17. The founding fathers must have been space aliens…for their time to have the forethought the way they wrote the constitution back then then were a hell of a lot smarter than the stupid fux that have been trying to change it for over 240 years!


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