Mark Dice- Apple CEO Says His Generation Failed Millennials Because of Climate Change

15 Comments on Mark Dice- Apple CEO Says His Generation Failed Millennials Because of Climate Change

  1. It couldn’t have been because Apple and Tim Cook were blowing Chinese cock for 25 years. Apple and Tim Cook are the greatest tech out sourcers the world has seen and responsible for destroying the job prospects (therefore economic security, family, housing and retirement prospects) of hundreds of thousands of Millennials and other Americans to enrich a handful Cupertino cocooned super elite who now pontificate from upon high how the Deplorables’ struggle to make a living is ruining their view from Mount Olympus. Fuck you, but not with my dick. It doesn’t go into sewers.

  2. It was in the low to mid 40’s and windy on Sunday when I was In Hamilton, Mt. about 45 miles S of Missoula. And believe me there is still plenty of snow on the tops of the Bitterroot Mountains in that area.

  3. White liberals assuage their collective white guilt by self immolating……..when not virtue signaling.

    It is a common trope among the literati that baby boomers [raising hand, over here] crapped all over America at the expense of the millennials, it’s all nonsense.

    Yeah, the national debt exploded, but without our tax revenue to keep the lights on we would have been Venezuela long ago.

    Dice touched on the degeneration of the millennials; the embrace of victim-hood, socialism, a sense of entitlement. Factor in that they don’t know how to budget, are not reproducing and can’t handle the simplest of tasks, definitely not the greatest generation.

  4. This cork sucker was imported from England, The latest OS spot spot 10.14 really sucks as well. Apple is well on the downward slide since they brought this bufoon in.

  5. Where did we put all the people from Miami when it went under the waves from rising sea levels?

    I must have missed that on the news.

  6. So when are they instead of buying waterfront houses moving to high ground and are disclosing the dangers when they sell their house?

  7. Apple CEO Says His Generation Failed Millennial’s Because of Climate Change,,
    This Apple CEO says climate change, the one before, and the one before that and the one before that, said,, just like Jobs did, always Bullshit.
    If not for Woz, Apple would have been a never was. Stove Jobs was a selfish cheap prick and Bill Gates paid better lawyers (his father).

  8. He is still riding Steve Jobs’ coattails. Jobs’ was innovative and a tech genius and Cook not so much.


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