Mark Dice: Bye Bye Jim Acosta

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  1. Revoke the credentials of that ass-kisser NPC who vouched for Kung Fu Panda. At least put his ass in the back of the room. And next time one of these Media NPC’s gets wound up, Trump should have the minders play this…

    …or some ice cream truck music. That’d get April Ryan running for the door, for sure.

  2. The f*cking asshole was trying to lecture the president. I remember when Obama was asked a question he didn’t like and the journalist was kicked out to cheers from the other pukes in there.

  3. Dim Acosta has been begging for this a long time. He should have been kicked to the curb two years ago. I’m betting some of these urinalists might show a little more respect to DJT and Sarah. It probably will take a few more evictions for the fact that the president isn’t going to condone behavior similar to Acosta’s asinine display. It’s obvious that the media does not respect the president but they should at least respect the office.

  4. As usual, MSLSD gets it wrong:
    “Trump begins cleaning house with Sessions”.
    In fact, I believe he started with Acosta…

  5. How can anyone consider Acosta a professional? He asked if the President considered the caravan to be an invasion, and the President answered that this was his opinion. Question, and direct answer – end of story.

    Instead, Acosta starts arguing with the President and setting the premise that the caravans are migrants and not invaders. Trump obviously disagrees with Acosta’s premise, but Acosta demands an answer based upon Acosta’s own political views and opinions. At this point he has ceased to be a reporter.

    This is a major reason the public considers the media to be fake news. Trump is famously direct; ask him a question and he will give you an answer. Media talking heads frequently censor guests by either mocking or prohibiting them from using terms and phrases the talking heads disagree with, such as the time a reporter refused to allow the word “mob” when a guest was discussing what was obviously a mob. If we want CNN’s opinion on things, we will watch CNN’s opinion shows. But if we want news, we don’t want CNN’s opinion on what the news is.

  6. It was pretty funny to see Jim Acostswomen quickly sit down as soon as Trump stepped from behind the podium.

    It would have been even funnier if Trump was unbuckling his belt!

    It would have been like the WWF Trump/CNN meme in real life!

  7. Hey, Jim, a migrant is:
    “a person who moves regularly in order to find work especially in harvesting crops”
    The invasion is not people who are ‘moving regularly’, they’re coming to stay.

  8. @gin blossom November 8, 2018 at 9:06 am

    > I remember when Obama was asked a question he didn’t like and the journalist was kicked out to cheers from the other pukes in there.

    They’re still cheering.

    What? Wailing? I don’t think so.

    Are you sure?

    Cheering, wailing, making their “O” face… Not that “O” face… Their other “O” face…

    You know, you’re right. They’ve got the same response for everything. It’s like, it doesn’t matter what happens. They’re just programmed to “go off”. Just one way. When they’re “triggered”. It’s like they’re all… What?

    Oh. That’s right. The new “N” word. Nevermind…

    No, not that “N” word.

  9. Getting #JimAccostsFemaleInterns out of the White House was long overdue. He can take his invasion enablers with him.

  10. Trump has shown more restraint and patience with this ass than I ever would have. Can you imagine anyone treating Chicago Jesus like this?
    Instant IRS audit…..

  11. Oddly, I think it’s a good thing President Trump let Acosta go compltely retard. His antics were on full display and more solid proof the Left is evil and insane.

  12. Acosta was just a warm up, it sent a message out to other reporters wanting to diss the President. Acosta got accosted! LMAO!

  13. This is a vicious attack on the first amendment. And this ….. intern is a Connaway in the making. She should be watched.

  14. Let some of you get this straight……No, Accoster did not “karate chop” her arm but he did push her arm down at the inside of her elbow enough so she looked up into his face immediatly when he did it then she backed off and stooped down. A press conference is not the time for a debate between some reporter with delusions of grandure and the President of the United States. Get real.

  15. You spin me Right Round, baby
    Right Round like a record, baby
    Right Round Round Round
    You spin me Right Round, baby
    Right Round like a record, baby
    Right Round Round Round

  16. Why did the Press briefing stop including alternative media like some of the blogs, Breitbart comes to mind. They started out making that a regular part of the press briefings and then it ended with no explanation why.

  17. They should replace that nice, cute intern with a much larger, meaner-looking male intern.

    The telling thing is that none of the other “journalists” defended the woman. They are a pack of hyenas and should be treated as such from here on.


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