Mark Dice: CNN Goes Over the Edge


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  1. I’d have preferred Trump not get caught up with jerks like this. To me it just cheapens his efforts getting involved with him or his fat assed wife.
    I like the outreach but restrict it to serious people not clowns.

  2. All that paneling at CNN…It’s starting to look like a 70’s rec room over there.

    Seriously, MSM. Three is company, four is a crowd, five is a…mob?

  3. Grinder and Snorky – It’s a culture war thing, he needs to work with (notice I did not say use) influencers in the media to get the truth out to those who otherwise get their news from social media.

    I’m not a fan but don’t need to be. The important thing is that both parties work in earnest to make the Country a better place for all. As a white dude, I still care about Chicago and would love to see a real end to the nightmare in that city.

    Besides, the best way to expose the left is to let them talk long enough to reveal their true thoughts, it comes out eventually.

  4. This clip is a prime example as to why CNN is in the ratings toilet. There appears to be a dramatic shortage of functioning brain cells in this panel. Debating the issue doesn’t seem to be on the agenda only derision and insults. That’s a pretty sad stance for a so called major news channel.
    What clown is running this circus anyway?

  5. Anon E. Mouse – nods, well put! After realizing the complete falsehood of TV, and than working through the same on the internet has only resulted in one’s own interpretation. “The important thing is that both parties work in earnest to make the Country a better place for all” nah, that’s just a well intention interpretation on your part. No offense meant, just live a little longer and do some more research. Best regards sincerely

  6. So….

    An angry mob of leftist liberal white dimacrats caught a white man (Charlie Kirk) and a black women (Candace Owens) having breakfast in Philadelphia…..then they launch into a tirade about “stop white supremacy”,…,,

    Shades of “Jim Crow”…..but as everyone knows….the dimacrats are very familiar with “Jim Crow.”

    I’m glad nobody got lynched.

  7. I would suggest he focus his efforts on polished and articulate people like Candice Owens and others like her that set a excellent example for others to aspire to.
    I just think it’s risky to get involved with unstable people like him when there’s options.

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